Voluntary benefits provide insurance products that your workers purchase through your company using payroll deduction at a group rate significantly lower than they could get on their own. These programs can include a wide variety of benefits, insuring everything from workers’ cars and homes to their pets. However, the most popular products include life policies, health-related coverages – dental, vision, cancer, critical illness, hospital confinement, and long-term care – and disability income replacement. (Some employers also offer such non-insurance benefits as prepaid legal services and discount purchase programs).

Everybody wins with voluntary benefits. Your employees will enjoy:

  • Value: As noted above, group buying power allows workers to buy products at significant discounts.
  • Flexibility: Employees decide how to spend their discretionary income on the benefits of their choice – a “Chinese menu” approach.
  • Simple, painless tax-free payment. Small deductions from each paycheck, often using pre-tax dollars, are easier to handle than annual or quarterly payments.
  • Accessibility and convenience. Employees don’t have to shop for coverage.
  • Underwriting advantages: Voluntary life and health benefits are usually available on a “guaranteed issue” basis.

Your business will benefit in a number of ways.

  • Enhanced recruitment, higher employee morale and reduced turnover- from showing your workers that you care about providing them with a “safety net” that can help protect their health and their savings, while saving money.
  • Low cost of providing benefits (other than minimal administrative expenses).
  • Lower payroll taxes for each participating employees.
  • Reduced impact of any health coverage changes that might be required by the Affordable Care Act.

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