Which Employee Benefits Do Professionals Value Most?

If your employer offers a generous benefits package, be grateful. Your company understands that providing things like health insurance, matching retirement funds and wellness programs improves employee satisfaction and loyalty. Which benefit is your favorite? While that may depend on your current life situation and needs, a recent survey by One Medical Group reveals the top employee benefits professionals value.

Top Benefits According to Employees

So which benefits do professionals value most? Medical insurance tops the list and is followed by life insurance. The 401(k) plan comes in third. The survey found, though, that many companies don't offer employee matching for 401(k) contributions. Encourage your company to participate in this key benefit or discuss your retirement accounts with your insurance agent as you maximize your savings. 

Benefit Package Goals

Because companies constantly evaluate the bottom line, they may cut benefits or place more financial responsibility on employees. Managing costs isn't what employees want from their benefits packages, though. Two-thirds of the survey respondents want their benefits to prioritize health. Employee retention and future planning are also top goals employees would like benefits to address. 

The Road to Wellness

Less than 30 percent of survey respondents think their benefits provide adequate wellness programs. Nearly half want to see more focus on wellness, which includes weight loss management and smoking cessation. Let your employer know your opinion and join forces with your coworkers to promote wellness at work.

Receive Enough Benefits

The majority of survey respondents believe their benefits package compares or exceeds the benefits offered by other employers. Almost 40 percent, however, think their benefits are decreasing. If your company offers competitive benefits, take advantage of them. However, if you're seeing reduced  benefits, contact an insurance agent and purchase additional coverage that offers the protection you need. 

Communication is Important

The survey goes on to reveal that almost three out of four employees understand all the ins and outs of their employee benefits package. Unfortunately, the other one-fourth still have questions about what's covered, how much it costs and even which benefits are offered. Talk to your human resources manager or insurance agent today and become familiar with all the benefits available to you. 

Overall, many professionals feel that their benefits package is adequate, but there's always room for improvement. Do you agree? Discuss your opinion and benefits options with your human resources manager today as you maximize your benefits, including the ones you value most.

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