More About General Liability Insurance

Q: Why do I need General Liability Insurance?
Accidents happen, and mistakes are made – no matter how careful you are. Someone may be injured or their property damaged, and you could be sued for something you or your product did or did not do. General Liability insurance is your protection. In addition to covering claims of damage or injury caused by product failure or a defect in workmanship, General Liability coverage typically includes legal fees and court costs if you are sued.

Q: What kinds of claims does General Liability coverage protect against?
There are many aspects to the coverage you can expect. Here are a few:
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage will help protect you if injuries occur to other people resulting from your operations.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage is protection in the event damage occurs to the property of others.
  • Personal Injury Liability Coverage provides a shield for offenses such as false arrest, libel, slander and wrongful entry.
  • Advertising Injury Liability Coverage helps cover your legal liability for a variety of offenses arising out of the advertising of your business’s goods and services.

Q: If I have property insurance, do I still need liability insurance?
If you operate your own business you will likely need both property and liability insurance. Property insurance provides protection in case of a theft or if a fire breaks out at your business headquarters and destroys equipment and inventory. Liability insurance provides protection in case someone gets hurt using your product or services, or hurts themselves on your property.

Q: Are there any surefire ways to protect my business computers from hackers?
Although no single strategy will guarantee your computers will be safe from unwanted access, there is one really important step you can take to reduce your risk: Eliminate all removable media drives from network connected computers. This will help prevent virus-type software from being uploaded, as well as prevent your customer files from being stolen. This will not provide protection from outside hackers, whether from the Internet or another computer connected to the same network. Make sure your firewall program is updated regularly.

Q: How do I choose a franchise that is right for me?
There are thousands of franchise opportunities available and finding the right one takes a bit of research. For starters, consider which franchise is in an area that will hold your interest. Don't select a franchise based on the promise of riches. You must thoroughly investigate any franchises you are interested in. Do this by talking to some existing franchisees – find out if they are getting the support they were promised. If the franchise you are interested in will not give you names of other franchisees, don’t proceed any further. Also check out the International Franchise Association website at

Q: What is the difference between a “copyright” and “trademark?”
Copyrights and trademarks are sometimes misunderstood and often confused with each other. A copyright is an automatic legal protection of any “form of expression” such as writings, designs, and works of art. This protection generally lasts for your lifetime plus 50 years. A copyright may be registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. Having your copyright registered can help if and when you need to defend it use by others. A trademark is a word or series of words, a design or graphic that relates to your product, service, or company. A trademark must be registered with the Patent and Trademark Office and will cost a few hundred dollars.