"The Online Newsletters play a key role in our commitment to proactive client service. We're using this electronic communication modality to ride the demographic tide of the 'e-generation.' The Newsletters offer something for everybody — your agency, your clients, and your prospects."

Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC President, The Bradshaw Agency, Stillwater, OK
"Our response from the Newsletters has been great. A number of agents have called to ask where we get them. Clients have also e-mailed articles back to us with their comments."

Jonathan Theders, Rick Theders, Clark-Theders Insurance Agency, Cincinnati, OH
"I'd recommend that agents use the Online Newsletters to stress both their professionalism and the benefits of this service as a continually updated information resource so that readers will keep returning to the agency's Web site."

Brian Hayer, President, Warner & Company, Fargo, ND
"It's important to help our clients understand that there's far more to insurance than price. The Online Newsletters provide a tangible way to demonstrate the complexity of the risks that our clients face and the need to employ an insurance professional who can address these risks."

Dave Fenner, President, Bob Fenner, CEO, Thomas-Fenner-Woods Agency,
Inc., Columbus, OH
"Insurance Solutions focuses on building proactive client relationships by keeping clients and prospects informed and educated on the risks they face daily. The Online Newsletters add value to our site: Clients love them and prospects wonder why their agent doesn't offer a similar service - which helps us close more sales. "The Newsletters dovetail with our commitment to deliver on our promises and exceed our clients' expectations. The professionalism of the presentation and the quality of the content means that we're getting rave reviews from every issue. I personally receive all the e-mail replies, read them, and pass them along to our team so that they can see the increased value that we're delivering.

We have a home page link to the Newsletters, and also send monthly e-mails to clients and prospects. In the e-mail, we cut and paste the reminder from CompleteMarkets about the Newsletter and provide links to our Web site. We also put the graphics of all eight Newsletters above the specific article and link it to the site, so that the e-mail won't have too many HTML graphics (which many anti-spam programs filter out).

I'd offer this advice to agencies using the Newsletters: Take action and put them up on your site. Don't expect the world to see them; do some push marketing via e-mail or any other method to generate interest. Monitor the results; if they're positive, share them with your team. We can all use more positive affirmations on how we make a difference in our clients' lives.

As Bill Gates said, 'A lot of people had the same idea as we did at Microsoft back in the early days; however, the difference between us and them, is that we took action!' Do something that moves you closer to your goals — that's more than most of your competitors are doing.

Great ideas are a dime a dozen: Nothing happens until you take action.

Tony Alessandra, President, Insurance Solutions, Mission Viejo, CA Welcome Erin Carlson - Log out by clicking here