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Marketing  Would you turn down an opportunity to have a conversation with a potential client? 

Michele Holloway, INSOMIS Corporation - Transformer Marketing - Big Bear City, CA 92314
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Every day you are not on social media, you are doing just that! Utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your industry knowledge by sharing news that may affect your target market financially and connect with people looking for a knowledgeable insurance professional.

Now is your opportunity to being 2014 with a tremendous PUNCH. Transformer Marketing has the perfect program for you, we call it…Essentials. Just as we need the lights and phones for our office to function, every insurance professional needs social media to conduct business. It’s that simple.

Advantages :

· Create and foster meaningful relations with your clients

· Drive traffic to your website pages

· Blow away the competition by being the GO TO agency

· Establish your on-line presence

· Develop a rapport with prospects that is consistent and effortless

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