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Technology & Tools  Bringing Face-to-Face Engagement into the 21st Century 

Raymond Didia, Unemployed - Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986
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In countless studies and surveys across both P&C and Employee Benefits, face-to-face is still the most successful form of engagement for both prospects and clients when it comes to sales, education and customer service. eFace2Face is a browser-based real-time communication solution built on WebRTC technology. It features high-definition video and audio, dynamic file sharing, multipoint calling, and the electronic signature process. eFace2Face enables you to give your customers an intuitive and personal online experience when purchasing your insurance and employee benefits products and risk management services.Our hosted solution is secure, scalable, easy to integrate into your existing applications and online infrastructure (website), and you can customize eFace2Face with your company’s branding and messaging. It requires minimal training and IT involvement; in fact, eFace2Face is easier to use than a telephone.

6 year(s) ago
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