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Agency Management  Management, What is the difference between good and GREAT? 

Erin Carlson, CompleteMarkets - Jacksonville, FL 32224
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What are the qualifications of a good manager? Are they traits that you are just born with or is it skills that you can learn to adopt? 

An effective manager needs to be able to provide constructive criticism in multiple fashions. Every employee is different, and taking one approach to all of them can disrupt the moral of the team, and quite often remove any motivation they had previously. Management needs to combine positive feedback along with negative this encourages the employee's strengths and can motivate them to improve their weaknesses. 

Have you ever had a manager that you felt loved to diminish your self-esteem any time they could? How did that make you feel? 

As a manager you need to keep these feelings alive inside you when you are making decisions. Often we forget what it feels like to be a regular ole' employee, but its keeping ourselves grounded and reminded of the attributes of the managers we appreciated (or disliked) and apply those to our daily decisions. 
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Steven Miltonberg, Transformer Marketing - North Hollywood, CA 91602
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Great information. I agree, in individual must possess several traits, such as:

Communication Skills - Planning and Delegation Skills - Intelligentsia etc..

Thinking and acting with a cool head under every circumstance is the secret to effective management.
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Ed  Murayama, INSOMIS - North Hollywood, CA 91602
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Great topic, Erin, thank you.

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