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Ask Your Peers  Insurance Restoration and Inventory company in California. Looking for all lines (GL, Cargo, EPL, Pro Liab, Comp,  

John  H Crawley, Crawley Insurance - Fullerton, CA 92834
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I have been seeking a good market for this client for several months with no luck.

This is an Insurance Inventory and Contents company. They are contracted by Insureds and Adjusters to inventory personal or business property in damaged premises. 90% of the work completed is inventory of Household Goods of Other. Occasionally they transport a portion of undamaged items to their warehouse for temporary storage in company owned trucks. These items are brought to the loading dock and placed in containers, which are then documented and filed in for storage. At a specified date, the property is brought back to the original premises once the structure has been repaired by a third party. Any or all restoration is subcontracted.

The employees are asbestos certified, and if asbestos is present (incidental less than 5% of work completed), they STRICTLY manipulate and inventory contents only, no DISPOSAL will be performed as it is considered hazardous material. The movers/packers are all certified and wear appropriate safety gear on this rare occasion, and weekly safety meetings are held to keep safe working practices in order.
The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau has classified this account as 9008 (janitorial) for all movers, cleaners, and warehouse work. Also, the recent audit for their active General Liability policy has updated their classification to 99938 (Warehouses).

Again, the client will be hired, arrive at job site, take inventory, remove all debris, take all salvageable/undamaged furniture to their warehouse for storage, then bring it back when the structure has been repaired. All restoration, if any, is subcontracted. They have a 50,000 sq ft warehouse where sales, and clerical employees are stationed who have no exposure to the inventory/moving operations.

I would like to find coverage for all lines mentioned in the subject line. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.

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Janice Diehl, Clifford and Bradfod - Bakersfield, CA 93301
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We would use Lori Hunter at Worldwide Facilities, in LA for the GL/Excess for these type of operations; Chris Coalson @ AIU for the work comp; Possible AMCOM for the auto. We would also use Travis Reynolds @ US Risk for the GL/Excess/Cargo and he may be able to help with the rest of the lines. Email me and I will send you contact info if you are interested, Diehl@cliffordandbradford.com. Thank you,
5 year(s) ago
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Katrina Biethan, CompleteMarkets - Big Bear, CA 92315
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Hello John! 

Happy Friday! I'm sorry you have had no luck finding a good market for your client, I hope I am able to help! We have a "Find It" tool to assist you in finding a company that is able to help you. You will want to click on the orange Find It button located towards the middle of the top of the page.

From here you will see that your country and state have been preselected based on the information on your user profile. You can change this if you are looking for a different area.

 In the blank box you will enter in the type of coverage you are looking for. It will generate a drop down menu once you start typing. For the search to be complete you must choose an option from the drop down.
If you are looking for a specific type of coverage and you do not see it as an option in the drop down, I suggest trying a more general search. This way you can reach out to see if any of the companies in the search to see if they can help with the specific one you are looking for. 

Once you are ready you will click the Show Results button. This is the results page, it will have a list of the companies in your selected area that offer that type of coverage. You can click on their logos to view more information about their product and what they offer. There is a Get a Quote button on this page. On the results page there is a Request A Quote Now! button, this will request a quote from all of the companies that are checking in the results. 

For Example I performed a search for Janitorial Program in California, and Here are the results. 
I also performed a search for Warehouse General Liability in California, and Here are the results. 

I hope this information was helpful and gets you pointed in the right direction! 
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Susanne Waite, Partners Specialty Group - Fresno, CA 93720
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Hi John,

We may be able to help with one of our surplus lines markets - we have over 200 markets. Not that I've tried to place a risk exactly like this, but the non-admitted markets are here for the unusual, tough risks the standards don't want to take and nothing is ever cookie cutter in our World!

We'd seek the GL coverage with CCC for the insured's property. I'm thinking they may also need Professional Liabiltiy for the inventory exposure should there be a mistake - it wouldn't be a BI/PD loss as you'd find in the GL policy. We also can help with property coverage.

I've been a Wholesale Broker for 12 years and in the insurance industry for 25...

If you'd like to discuss further, give me a call at 559-447-1944 or email swaite@psgins.com .

Thanks so much,
Susanne Waite, CRIS, CISC
VP, Broker
Partners Specialty Group
5 year(s) ago
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