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Marketing  You Need Social Media Marketing... 

Erin Carlson, CompleteMarkets - Jacksonville, FL 32224
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Social Media is no longer an option, or a “nice to have.” Just as we need the lights and A/C for our office to function, every agency needs social media in order to conduct business. It’s that simple. Social Media has become a utility.

You need to be where your clients and prospects are. And today, ever increasingly, that place is on social networks. Two recent articles (on liveinsurancenews.com, and propertycasualty360.com)  illustrate what most of you know already: To survive in the marketplace today and remain viable in the future, every agency needs to participate in Social Media.

From the PropertyCasualty360 article “The truly important takeaway … [is] the overwhelming success of 85 percent of users seeing an increase in brand
awareness on social media platforms.”

Visit TransformerMarketing.com today — an all-inclusive marketing platform that combines the most powerful online media channels into one focused, fully managed resource for your business — all done for you.
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