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You would be surprised at how little the general public knows about life insurance. Reviewing options on life insurance can be overwhelming, and leave many uninsured. Life insurance isn't required, but it's certainly something that doesn't cost much to add a little protection and piece of mind. The first thing people typically question is weather or not they need life insurance. The answer only lies within your personal situation. It really depends on if you have dependents and your financial contribution to your family. The purpose of life insurance is to help your family, or those you leave behind, in the event of your death. So if you have children and you aren't completely financially secure, it may be a good idea to check out a life insurance policy. They are typically much more affordable at a younger age. Life insurance is really a nice safety net for those families with a stay at home parent, just to have a piece of mind. Life insurance underwriters use risk classes to determine longevity, and the likelihood that the insurance company may have to pay a claim. A number of factors are used to determine your "risk class" including: Smoker or non-smoker Blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels Weight and height Income and lifestyle Medical history and overall health Family's medical history Hazardous professions and hobbie Once this information is reviewed, insurance companies determine an applicant's rate classification, which generally includes: Preferred Plus No Nicotine (also known as "Preferred Best" or "Super Preferred") Preferred No Nicotine Preferred Nicotine Standard No Nicotine Standard Nicotine Substandard The Preferred and Preferred Plus classifications offer the most attractive rates, while Standard Nicotine and Substandard categories sets an applicant back the most. Other major factors Applicants' height and weight may also figure into heart disease risk. Blood pressure is another important risk factor, and insurance companies have different cut-off points depending on people's age, because blood pressure tends to rise naturally as people get older. Insurance companies also review an applicant's general health and family history for evidence of hereditary conditions that could affect longevity. As you age, many of these factors become less important. What it takes for you to get the best rates The most-preferred classification, Preferred Plus, generally requires that an applicant: Be a non-smoker Have healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels and not need medication to maintain those levels Have a relatively favorable body mass index (the relationship between height and weight), although this "can be overweight by most people's standards" Have no history of early heart disease in the family Applicants qualifying for the Preferred classification may meet the Preferred Plus requirements except that they may require medication to control cholesterol or blood pressure levels and may have a family history of early heart disease. Contact us today to be sure you are not paying too much for your life insurance policy and let us talk to about recent changes in the industry that could save you more cash!