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With the extreme cold weather hitting most of the country do you think it is irresponsible for people to try to make it to school and work? Along with most of the country Atlanta Georgia was hit by the sudden snow and ice storm a few weeks ago. Many people had to abandon their cars on the road because the driving conditions were tremendous. Though some took a risk and took shelter within their own car. Children were stuck at their schools for hours, and were afraid they would not make it home. It was only 2 inches of snow, but Ice was the biggest danger. The roads were frozen over and made driving conditions very dangerous. Georgia is not alone in this storm. These conditions have spread among most of the country. In cases like these, is it more responsible to stay home off the streets, or take the risk to get to work and school?
Abuse/Molestation Insurance (Claims Made) Our Abuse/Molestation Insurance covers actual or threatened abuse or molestation of clientele while in ...w York) For more information on our Abuse/Molestation Insurance or any other...
...lity, Employee Benefits Liability, Abuse & Molestation coverage (with sub-...iding services to youth and Substance Abusers.
...s of Organizations Covered: Abused Adult Shelters Animal Shelter / Rescue Groups ...
... Substance Abuse: Detox, Halfway House, Rehab Faciliti...p to $25M available, including sexual abuse $1M combined sing...