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Mercator Risk Services excels at tougher, hard to place Professional Liability accounts, including accounts that others have passed on. Coverage is available for “distressed professional liability (E&O), directors and officers (D&O) and employment practices liability (EPL) accounts. By applying specialty insurance expertise, adding some creativity and utilizing a broad range of markets, Mercator is able to provide terms on some of the toughest accounts around. What is a tougher, hard to place or “distressed account? A distressed account is one that will not be considered by standard professional liability markets due to the account’s underwriting characteristics. The difficulty may lie in the organization’s unusual activities, its past operating characteristics or in adverse loss experience. Mercator Risk Services is providing solutions across all of our key lines: E&O - Areas include all miscellaneous classes and medical malpractice, attorneys, financial services, consultants and architects & engineers. D&O - Public, unique private and non-profit organizations. EPL - Tougher classes and accounts with claims. Examples of Hard to Place Accounts: E&O: This physician was providing specialty medical advice over the internet and needed medical malpractice coverage. D&O: This private bankrupt manufacturing company required directors & officers coverage as it was emerging from bankruptcy. E&O: The plaintiffs attorney firm specialized in securities class actions, which was declined by all the standard attorney E&O markets. EPL: A small property management and construction/development company had an EEOC claim costing $15,000 to settle. E&O: This law firm had been hit with a series of claims, and was declined by the standard programs. D&O: A creative approach was needed to develop customized D&O coverage for this large non-profit account due to its organizational structure and mission. E&O: Medical malpractice coverage for a small group of specialist physicians was non-renewed due to claims, including a recent $1.0 million settlement. E&O: A customized policy was required to combine this internet utility’s needs with coverages unique to the utility area. EPL: A retail outlet with 90 full time and 20 part time employees, and a number of EEOC discrimination actions, had considerable difficulty finding EPL coverage. E&O: This startup specialty insurance agency has highly experienced owners and staff, but the specialty area carries higher exposure for E&O insurers. E&O: This specialty engineering firm provides geotechnical and structural engineering and testing services. Testing of various construction materials are conducted in its labs and at construction sites. What do they need? A thorough submission is necessary to get the job done. In addition to the application, the submission should include a clear description of the activities and five years of loss history. Mercator Risk Services provides a wide range of markets for all types of hard to place, or distressed, accounts in all states. Their goal is to provide the best combination of product, price and service to you. They will handle your accounts knowledgeably and efficiently, in turn saving you valuable time and money. Please let them know if we can be helpful in any way. For more information, please call (860) 527-9717 or send an e-mail to [email protected] You can get additional information on their products, insurance applications, and Specialty Lines insurance information on their Web site