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Volunteers play a critical and unique role in the goals of many non-profit organizations. A recent report released by the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics has noted that both the number of volunteers and the volunteer has risen in the U.S in the last year. While volunteers have become an integral part of the operations of many non-profits, their service and presence require a closer look. Each organization needs to insure that the nonprofit as well as their individual volunteers are adequately protected against the possibility of lawsuits.
...g in common; the need for Liquor Liability insurance....
With the holiday season approaching rapidly the demand for Caterers grows every day. The holiday season is the most profitable time of the year for the catering industry. This pertains to the cooks as well as the servers hired for the events.
A for sale sign sits in the window of an empty building and one day catches the eye of your client. Your client then takes the steps to buy that space and turn that empty space into their dream come true.
A trip to the doctor’s office isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! As the patient you go to the doctor’s office, sign in, sit and wait to be seen. Most of the time the patient gets impatient because of the amount of time they are waiting and feelings of frustration and irritation develop because they just want to get in and get out.