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Substance (Alcohol and Drug) Addiction is treated in specialized drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and affiliated mental health centers. No single drug treatment is appropriate for all individuals as treatment approaches and individual programs continue to evolve. Today there are hundreds of these facility types in existence to battle the blight of these addictions which affect all age groups and walks of society. Individuals with a drug addiction or drinking problem have a wealth of different options available to them for treatment. Various treatment facility type options represent viable target classes for commercial insurance program business in the non-profit area.
Volunteers play a critical and unique role in the goals of many non-profit organizations. A recent report released by the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics has noted that both the number of volunteers and the volunteer has risen in the U.S in the last year. While volunteers have become an integral part of the operations of many non-profits, their service and presence require a closer look. Each organization needs to insure that the nonprofit as well as their individual volunteers are adequately protected against the possibility of lawsuits.