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AERIAL SPRAYING INSURANCE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE Aircraft risks involving aerial application of chemicals, fertilizers... Piston, Turbo-Prop and Jet Aerial, Antique, Military, Emergency and ...
...s Space Satellites & Aerial Applications Coverages: ...
Let ABERDEEN assist your marketing and sales efforts on a wide range of accounts that include amusement devices, car, truck & motorcycle dealers, chemical applicators, environmental consultants & contractors, EPLi, equipment floater, fire suppression contractors, garage operations, home inspector, liquor liability, mold, railroad protective, repossessors, restaurants, security guards, social services, special events, specialty contractors, technology, telecommunications, vacant building, valet parking, apartments, just to name a few. Additional information on coverage we specialize in are listed below: Workers Compensation Territory: PA, NJ & MD Apartment Houses Property and Liability Package or Mono-Line Artisan Contractors Including Roofers, Tree Trimmers Janitorial, Alarm Installation Grading of Land Restoration Contractors GENERAL CONTRACTORS ACCEPTED Assisted Living/Long Term Care Property, Liability and Professional Package Bars, Taverns & Restaurants Property, Liability & Liquor Package or Mono-Line Environmental Liability Program Contractors, Site, Consultants Liability, On-Line Rating Garage Coverage Auto Service Centers, Auto Body, Used Car, Truck, Motorcycle & Recreational, Towing & Repossession Property, Liability, DOL, GKLL, C/AUTO Package or Mono-Line IT Professional Liability Professional Liability specifically designed for the IT Professional Limits to $10,000,000 Territory is Worldwide Residential Construction, Nec Residential Home Builder and/0r Developers Property, General Liability & Inland Marine Package or Mono-Line Special Events Including Liquor Liability Cultural, Fund Raising, Weddings, Dance Recitals, Reunions, etc Limits to $1,000,000 with unlimited aggregate Quotes within 24 hours
AmWINS provides two programs for Fire Sprinkler/Suppression Contractors – SprinklerPro and Fire Sprinkler Select. SprinklerPro SprinklerPro is a multi-line insurance program for fire sprinkler contractors engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, testing, service, and repair of fixed water-type and special hazard suppression systems. Target Clients Fire Sprinkler Contractors - Designing, Fabricating, Installing, Testing, Servicing and Repairing Sprinkler Suppression Systems including Pre-action or Deluge water systems, and systems utilizing: Halon, Inergen, FM 200, Foam, or CO2 Coverages Offered • General Liability - $1M/$2M Limits • Professional Liability • Contractors Pollution Liability including microbial substance (mold / fungus) • Umbrella/Excess Liability – follow form over primary including pollution, microbial substance and professional liability to $10M limits Program Highlights • Blanket Additional Insured including primary and not contributing • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation • Blanket Per Project Aggregate • Mold / Fungus Coverage • No exclusion or limitation endorsement for residential or CPVC work Requirements • Completed ACORD applications • SprinklerPro Contractors Supplemental Application • Current and four years prior loss Information • Current financial statement • Project list showing top 10 jobs within the past 3 years Availability National, excluding HI Carrier(s) A.M. Best A+ rated carriers Fire Sprinkler Select Fire Sprinkler Select provides insurance solutions to fire sprinkler and fire suppression contractors of all sizes, beginning with minimum premiums of $5,000. Eligible Operations Include: system design, fabrication, installation, inspection, testing, alarm installation, fire extinguishers and maintenance of water-based systems and chemical/special systems. Coverages Offered • General Liability $1M/$2M • Excess/Umbrella (includes professional) - $5M in-house with higher limits available • Professional Liability extension • Worksite Pollution Special Extensions Available (as required by written contract) • Additional Insured/Waiver of Subrogation – “Automatic” – Scheduled Entities • Per Job Aggregate • Employee Benefits Liability • Primary/Non-Contributory Availability National except in Alaska, Hawaii, New York State, and Cook County, Illinois Carrier A.M. Best A-rated carrier Requirements • ACORD and Sprinkler Select supplemental application – including five years premium history • Currently Valued Loss Runs – valued within past 90 days and including details of any losses in excess $10,000 • Current job list and/or current certificate holders list • Firms in business less than five years, require owner’s and key personnel’s resume
...rbo-Prop and Jet Aerial, Antique, Military, Emergency and Car...