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...y to let you know that our Wind Deductible Buy Back Insurance program helps yo... learn more information about Wind Deductible Buy Back Insurance coverage, ple...
IPMG Employee Benefits Insurance Services division is a full service third party benefits administrator focused on one goal: protecting your client's bottom line! As a Self-Funded plan sponsor or an agent representing Self-Funded clients, the Employee Benefits TPA that you partner with needs to have all of the resources necessary to bring about the right result. IPMG's Employee Benefits Insurance Services division's cost containment strategies are designed around bringing claims to their most efficient and economical conclusion while maintaining a high degree of participant satisfaction. No easy task. Yet, our in-house team of professionals routinely achieves exceptional results. By bringing together cutting edge cost containment strategies, excellent services, and outstanding resources focused on this goal, IPMG Employee Benefits Insurance Services division can help you make a difference for your clients. Our in-house services include: Medical Claims Administration Excess/Stop Loss Insurance Placement COBRA Administration Utilization Review Nurse Case Management Dental Claims Administration Vision Claims Administration Cafeteria 125 Flex Plans Health Management Services And more! (90) days of effective date Aggregate payroll history to match loss years...
TCB Insurance Programs have excellent facilities for Trucke...
When you think sports, you think athletic. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball etc. all of these sports have one thing in common, conditioning. It takes dedication and physical fitness to be an athlete. Now, there are people who are born as a natural athlete but even they need conditioning.
As a Health Studio owner your customers look to your business for body toning, relaxation, health fitness or even dancing. With many people coming in and out of your business numerous types of accidents can happen.
There are many different terms used when it comes to welding but what many don’t know; are the many different uses welding comes in handy for.
As a building owner or landlord, your client never knows what to expect when it comes to their tenants. Regardless if your client did a background check, required a security deposit, or checked references etc. While everything looks good on paper, that doesn’t guarantee that they will keep up on payments or keep your clients building in the order they left it.
There are many factors to consider when selecting an Architects and Engineers (A&E) Professional Liability policy, and we here at Intercorp can help you to choose the right balance of coverage features to get the most out of an insured's premium dollars. Our familiarity with the coverage forms of A&E carriers means that we are able to help you choose the the appropriate policy language to avoid any potential issues when claims may arise.