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More Companies More Income More Growth By joining Axis Brokers you will have just that, More Companies More Income More Income! So why join the Axis Brokers cluster? The most important is that we do not own any portion of your business, you will stay completely independent. There are many ways that joining a cluster can be beneficial for your company. We can improve your profit sharing and bonuses with your carriers. Without a cluster you may face problems such as moving an account, or an untimely loss that can affect your profit sharing. The Axis Agency is a non competing insurance agency. We only write business for our member agencies.. You write the policy through the Axis Agency. You receive 100% of the commission and each policy is coded to you . We also provide marketing support. We will assist you with setting up your new state of the art website with our premiere website partner. As well as find specific marketing websites for you and your clients. We push the Agency Management system out to you for cost and have an internal user group to work thought the training and use of this program. We pay the initial set up and implementation fees and we can push this out to you for a minimal cost, this is so you can be more efficient and grow your business. By joining the Axis Brokers Cluster you have the opportunity for More Companies More Income More Profit! For more information on how to become a part of the Axis Brokers Cluster, you can call us at 408-979-2242. Or apply by filling out the attached application and sending it to us!