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AIRCRAFT EXCESS LIABILITY INSURANCE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE Many aircraft owners have the need for higher limi... Parts Distributors to Major Aircraft Manufacturers Cr...
AIRCRAFT LIABILITY INSURANCE AVAILABLE NATION... Parts Distributors to Major Aircraft Manufacturers Cr...
... liability for loss or damage to aircraft which are the property of others and... Parts Distributors to Major Aircraft Manufacturers Cr...
We are a unique insurance company. The ‘prime’ reason for our success is our unique partnership approach to agents, insureds and markets. We partner with agents and brokers and provide custom underwriting expertise and offer innovative solutions when other carriers decline coverage. We do not interfere with your current markets. We have the in house expertise and staffing to respond quickly with expertise and accurate quotes. We adapt constantly to the needs of insureds, and provide them with top-notch service with support, claims management. We have a proven track record of fighting frivolous litigation, something you do not see many of our competitors do. Hard to place risks, creative underwriting and superior customer service combined with our many markets and our stellar track record make Prime Insurance a logical choice for all agents and brokers. As an agent/broker - If you care about providing quality products and services to your clients, then you should partner with Prime.