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...WIDE Owners and operators of airports have one primary duty: maintenance ...y and Cargo · Airports Commercial, Corporat...
Why does homeowners insurance go up gradually or sometimes suddenly? This can depend on many factors, but in essence a few key factors are at play – The size of the pool of people buying insurance in that region/state (areas surrounding Imperial, PA). Recent catastrophes – forest fire damage, widespread earthquake damage, or widespread flooding. An indicative trend in certain conditions – such as data showing that there are more earthquakes in the region as a result of heavy fracking in the area. Competition among insurers. Insurance losses. Why use a local insurance agent for homeowners insurance? Homes are physically rooted to one spot. And the location they are in has unique characteristics. From city ordinances to county and state regulations, conditions vary. And then there are geographical factors that Mother Nature contributes to, sometimes in very large meaningful ways – think earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes. A local insurance agent doesn’t have to be in in your backyard. They can be within a hundred or so miles and completely understand the nuances surrounding your home. A local insurance agent has knowledge that a non-local agent just does not have. Information like – what is the financial health of the largest home insurance carrier in your county; or are home insurance rates expected to rise in your area because of recent events. So, call us, your local insurance agent – we understand the Imperial, PA area very well and can give you quality (and money saving) insurance advice. How to get discounts on homeowners insurance? The simplest way to get a discount is to bundle your policies with a single insurance agent. Local insurance agents typically have multiple carrier partnerships and can find you the best deal while bundling. Bundling does not always mean you will have multiple policies with a single insurance carrier. Here is an example where your agent at our agency Airport Insurance Associates Inc can help you consolidate, bundle and figure out how to save you money overall – Personal Auto with Progressive Home Insurance with Travelers Umbrella (typically with the Auto Insurance carrier) with Progressive Boat Insurance with SkiSafe Business Insurance with Hartford
Policy Highlights: Our airport shuttle services program is a great way to get your business moving, offering a full range of coverages including Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, and Excess Auto. Coverage available: • Limits up to state or federal requirements per seating capacity up to 1.5 million. • We offer liability coverage up to $1,000,000 CSL • We also offer physical damage coverage with several different deductible options ranging from $500 - $5,000. • Radius options up to 500 miles. • Cargo limits up to $100,000 with refrigerator breakdown included. and jet aircraft to major hub airports and airport services firms to large ...