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The amateur sport team, league and association i...urchased at the following site: meeting the insurance needs of amateur sports organizations, from national ...articles targeted to the information amateur sports associations need most to run a safe and suc...
... Event Cancellation Insurance for Amateur Sporting Events offers tournament organizers and even individual teams the ability to insure revenue and u...
...iations conducting youth or adult amateur sports activities in the United States. Cove...urchased at the following site:
...ions, leagues, or any other adult amateur or youth sports program. We understand the risk that a key supplier of coverage to the sports and recreation industry and is ple...
Key Risk Groups: Amateur athletic groups providing organized ...ties. Typical insureds include clubs, teams, leagues, sponsors, athletic parti...
The Youth Sports League Insurance package available th... today for more information on Youth Sports League Insurance.
...overage on a short-term basis for amateur sports tournaments or events or on an annual...urchased at the following site: