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We take a slightly different approach to underwriting than most general agencies by starting with one fundamental principle in mind; SERVICE. Our commercial property/casualty underwriters are some of the best in the industry, with years of experience and training. You’ll see that our proven, service oriented team will provide you with the ultimate advantage to writing your surplus business. Whether it is one of our programs or some other classification you need placed, we can help.
Apartment Buildings Insurance! Classifications: Apartment Buildings Limits: Property - U...ypes Protection classes 1 - 7 Apartment Buildings Insurance: Policies a...
... Apartments Auto Dismantlers ...are Centers Garage Liability Health Clubs ...
... M.J Hall and Company now offers Apartment Insurance We have coverage available for apartment buildings or complexes with five or more units, apartment hotels, hostels and boarding or For more information about Apartment Insurance, please feel free to c...
Even the best hospitality entities can suddenly be trapped in an infectious health situation or media event that ends up totally out of control. Closures and Health Department announcements regarding Norovirus, E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A (just to name a few), have a devastating affect on public perception. Whether contamination is accidental or malicious, the public’s reaction is swift and the results are the same: · Adverse media exposure and peak season impact · Potentially devastating financial impact and revenue loss · Loss of market share · Serious damage to business and community reputation · A possible business closure THINK YOUR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY POLICY ADDRESSES THESE ISSUES? THINK AGAIN!!! Traditionally, Commercial Property Business Interruption Coverage will activate for a “fire loss” but NOT for a loss of Business Income from a media driven health scare or food borne illness peril. WHY THE HOSPITALITY RESTORATION/LOSS OF BUSINESS INCOME AND INCIDENT RESPONSE EXPENSE? A historically successful program providing coverages to restaurants since 1997 is now available to different sectors of the hospitality industry. A seamless integration of food borne illness / adverse media -- loss of business income / business interruption coverage with crisis management designed to protect and restore your affected location. Customized Business Interruption and extra expense insurance unique to infectious health situations: · Easy application process / No complicated Business Interruption worksheets to complete - simple 2 page application · Replacement of Lost Income · Continuing Expense coverage · Business Restoration features including communications, marketing, media support · Crisis Management / Incident Response Expenses Crisis Management expertise and immediate help when you need it most... · Assistance with the Health Department, Media, Customers, Employees · Extensive expertise on communicable disease / pathology, public health law, food law, etc. · Effective marketing and media expertise responding to business interruption · A closely integrated team that can blend in with and supplement your in-house expertise · Crisis Management included 24/7 All coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted. This information is not intended to be a representation of coverage or a guarantee of a quote or indication. See policy wording for coverage details. © Copyright all rights reserved PLIS, Inc. 2012
... Premium Financing Available. Apartment: owners of buildings used exclusively as apartment houses, including cooperatives. Bui...
...perty and course of construction premises liability insurance for vacant build...Partnership, Joint Venture, Limited Liability Companies, and Trusts” accepted