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AIC has been the leading provider to the real estate agency for over 30+ years. With our dedicated team, commitment, and experience we have developed a niche for this market and are able to provide your client with the coverage that managers and owners need to have. We write business through: • Newly Created Programs • Our Own Programs • Accessing Other Programs • Making Placements within the Open Market, if it is an advantage to your client Along with our Exclusive Apartment Programs, we can also offer Habitational General Liability and Excess Liability, and Commercial Property. Program Highlights: • Blanket Limit Per Location • Boiler and/or Machinery Equipment Breakdown • Replacement Cost • Backup Drains or Sewers • 110% Margin Clause • Agreed Amount • Terrorism • Building Ordinance or Law • No Coinsurance • Extra Expense Accounts Receivable • Actual Loss Sustained Rental Income (Time Element) • Preferred Pricing for West Coast and Midwest States Our Exclusive Apartment Programs are designed to meet the needs of your clients with medium to large sized properties. In addition to your client being a part of our specialty solution getaway, your client will be a part of our strong foundation. We have a strong national influence and strength in numbers. Once your client sends in a complete submission, our team of experts act immediately to provide your client with a completive quote. *Please note that the size, location, and complexity of your clients risk and property, will depend on the turnaround time of the quote. If you are interested in learning more about what our Our Exclusive Apartment Programs can do for your client, give us a call or send us an email. We are standing by and ready to show you and your client what AIC can bring to the table and guide them through the process smoothly.
Over the last 30 years AIC has become the experts in the real estate industry. We commit to deliver our extensive expertise and streamlined underwriting to apartment managers and owners. We have developed a network of AIC experts who provide innovative services and products to apartment owners and managers. We strive to meet the specialized insurance needs that are required for apartment buildings and provide your clients with a secure course towards their goals. In addition to meeting your clients’ specialized insurance needs we also provide them with supplemental offerings for owners/managers of an ancillary commercial office and/or retail component to the schedule of their property. Our unique and transactional brokerage platform has strategic and creative insurance solutions for our clients and their risk management needs. We offer managers and owners a broad coverage for insurance at competitive rates by using the power of group purchasing. Highlights: • 110% Margin Clause • Hired Auto Liability • Non-owned Liability • Terrorism • Building Ordinance • Law Coverages A, B, and C • Excess Liability • Personal and Building Property • Real Property • Equipment Breakdown • Hail and Windstorm Damage • Named Storms • Direct Physical Damage • Demolition • Increased Cost of Construction • General Liability In addition to our coverage highlights, we work with the strongest financial companies in the world! Target Classes: • Apartment Managers and Owners • Warehouses • Condominium Associations • Office Buildings • Real Estate Investment Groups • Retail Strip Centers Being the experts in the real estate industry, our clients can count on us to ensure that they have a secure future towards their goals. For more information on our programs here at Apartment Insurance Consultants and what we can offer your clients; please give send us an email or give us a call today for a fast turnaround quote.