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...he first insurance policies that appliance businesses have to purchase. Genera... Liability Insurance quote for your Appliance Installation Account? Send an em...
Coverages include, but are not limited to: General Liability Excess Liability Professional Liability (E&O) Pollution Risk appetite includes, but certainly is not limited to: Remodel Contractors Artisans Contractors General Contractors Commercial Contractors Residential Contractors (New and Remodel) Available Endorsements: Blanket Additional Insureds Primary/Non-Contributory Wording Wavier of Subrogation Per Projecct Aggregate Completed Operations for AI's Stop Gap Additional highlights: Low minimum premiums Multiple markets contracted with/accessible by Ck Specialty Insurance (dependent upon coverage/risk type). All carriers A-rated. In-house binding authority & brokerage markets available. Ck Specialty Insurance is a family-owned & operated, Western-based MGA/Wholesaler/Surplus Lines Broker providing market access to retail insurance brokers in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, & WA. Ck Specialty Insurance: Opening market doors…for you.
McGowan Excess & Casualty Trade Contractors Umbrella Insurance Eligible Classes: •Electricians Plumbers Paving Grading Cable Installation HVAC Drywall Flooring Installation Landscaping Painting Septic Tank Installation Solar Panels Sewer Swimming Pool Water Mains Tile Plastering Masonry Concrete Carpentry Roofing Siding Products: Commercial Umbrella Liability Follow Form Excess Liability Limits: Umbrella: $1MM (Up to $100MM Available) Excess: We can write Excess Layers over Lead Umbrellas from $1MM—$100MM Required Underlying Rating: A- / VII (Exceptions May be Made for EL Carriers) For more information on Trade Contractors Umbrella Insurance, please contact us!
Northern States Agency, Inc. (NSA), founded in 1953, is a general agency located in St. Paul, Minnesota. With over 50 years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of insurance coverages. Utilizing this knowledge, we are able to provide you with timely and professional service for insuring your risks, especially those hard-to-place risks. NSA utilizes various markets to provide many types of insurance coverages, including: Commercial Auto Insurance Garage and Dealer exposures Excess Automobile Liability General Liability Umbrella/Excess Liability Directors' & Officers' Liability Employment Practices Liability Miscellaneous Professional Liability Errors & Omissions Property and Inland Marine Our underwriters work with thousands of independent insurance agents in eight states in the upper Midwest - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan and Illinois. NATIONWIDE: Auto fleets of 10 or more power units; Excess AL and Excess AL & GL
· Available in most states · No code restrictions - minimum $250K in payroll in governing class cod - will quote as low as $2K min. premium - loss ratio 40% -60% last three years · Pay as you go payroll reporting · New ventures acceptable · Deductible program available - starting as low as $1,000 per claim - no collateral requirements on deductibles under $10,000.00 · National “A” rated carrier · No financials required · No deposits required - the deposit covers the first month payroll report · Staffing Companies: $15K min. premium with a mandatory deductible · Trucking Companies: $25K min. premium with no owner operators · Trucking Companies: $50K min. premium for those up to 15% owner operators
LET CMS PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER FOR YOU!! With in house rating and binding capability we get the job done quickly. Target Classifications include: Contractors ($10,000 Minimum premium) including new ventures. Offices Wholesalers Manufacturers Property / Building Managers Transportation ($10,000 Minimum premium) Main Street Mercantile's And more... We can also consider the tough risk: Loss experience mods. up to 1.70 Mid term cancellations New ventures More than 10 A rated and national insurance companies to choose from. Competitive Commissions.
Your workers compensation insurance solution for restaurants Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC) Offers competitive A-rated workers compensation markets in AZ, ID, NV and UT for restaurants. Underwriting guidelines Premiums starting at $1,000 Experience mod no higher than 1.5 New ventures and risks with lapse in coverage are acceptable Restaurants with 24 hours exposure ineligible Accounts coming out of PEO are eligible Guaranteed cost only Monthly Self Reporting available Restaurants Workers Compensation Insurance
The advantages of working with Pride Risk include: Lower upfront costs More predictable cash flow Unmatched focus on loss control Convenience of a committed partnership Securing Affordable Workers’ Comp Coverage Is Often Difficult in These Industries The Pride Risk program covers high-risk insureds in a wide range of industries. Some of the most common governing codes covered under this solution include: Manufacturing HVAC/ Sheet Metal Masonry Landscaping Electrical/ Plumbing/ Painting Food Processing Bakeries/ Hospitality Warehouse Operations Trucking/ Transportation Heavy Construction (In NY Artisan Construction Only – Request Acceptable Codes) Cold Storage Retail/ Wholesale Staffing (Excluded in NY) Seasonal Operations (Advised Upfront) Property Mgmt. Janitorial/ Residential Cleaning Exclusions: Towing USL&H Exposure Hazardous Material Handling Greater than 25% Use of Part-Time Labor Multiple Factors Affect the Cost of Workers’ Comp In addition to the governing codes listed above, the following factors are good indicators that a company might benefit from the Pride Risk workers’ comp solution. Experience Modifiers over 1.00 Cancelled / Non-Renewed Coverage / Gap in Coverage Large Losses / Poor Claims Experience Few or no options other than the State Insurance Fund Clients with these attributes often have trouble obtaining affordable coverage in the traditional insurance markets. But now, you can provide a solution. Typical criteria of a program candidate: Few to no options for coverage Experience Modifier over 1.0 Average Workers’ Compensation Rate of $8.00 and above Minimum premium varies by State & Industry If your prospect meets the above criteria and you can furnish the following required documentation, then we can provide you a quote through one of our appointed MBA’s. The following is required for a complete submission: Acord 130 Complete Description of Operations 5 Years Loss Runs (fully valued) Screen Shot or Copy of X-Mod Industry Specific Supplemental Target Premium Rate Quotes: Non-Binding Rate Indications: 1 - 2 business days Approvals: 3 - 7 business days Required to Bind Coverage: Signed Acord 130, Request to Bind including Signed Proposal, Signed Supplemental, $1,000 Policy Fee, No Loss Letter (if Applicable) Contact Pride Risk today if you are interested in accessing the program through one of its many MBA’s. If you are a large wholesaler, MGA/MGU and can meet certain performance expectations please contact Pride Risk today to inquire about getting appointed.