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What affects the price of auto insurance? Insured Driver and Additional drivers profile Age Driving history Credit profile Insured Automobile Type and age of vehicle Cost of vehicle Safety options on the vehicle (type of brakes, body construction, crash test data etc) Estimated miles expected to be driven Other Deductible Amount – the lower out of pocket deductible, the higher the insurance premium. Amount of coverage limits – higher the coverage limits, the higher the premium. Additional and supporting insurance policies – examples of policies that support an auto policy Personal Umbrella Health Insurance Accident Insurance Our auto insurance experts are helping individuals and families in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, on a daily basis. Give us a call. Common Auto Insurance coverages Some form of liability is mandatory in almost all states. Many people get the minimum coverage to save costs. But, there are a slew of other coverages that are very important. Collision – covers your own car and property. Property damage – this covers damages to the other motorists cars (involved in the accident) and property. Comprehensive – this covers damages and replacement due to being stolen, fire or water damages. But, in some states this comprehensive coverage also includes ‘Uninsured Motorist’ and a few other coverages. What’s included or bundled into a comprehensive policy can also differ by insurance carrier. Uninsured Motorist – mandatory in many states, this coverages kicks in when the other driver does not have adequate coverage or your vehicle is involved in a hit and run accident (the hit-and-run driver is not identifiable) Car Rental Insurance – this kicks in when you need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. Medical Bills – covers deductibles and medical payments not otherwise covered by your health insurance or the other drivers (at fault drivers) insurance. Mandatory in some states. Our agents can help you find great auto insurance rates; we know the specific laws and nuances of auto insurance in and around the Tulsa, OK area. Is it easy to switch auto insurance carriers or insurance agents? In short, yes. But, there is a procedure to follow for best results. If your previous carrier is reputable you will get a pro-rated refund fairly quickly. An insurance agent can help you with this process. You want to make sure you have coverage in place with the new carrier before you cancel your policy with the old carrier. This is important as you do not want to be uninsured for even a few hours. When switching agents but keeping the same carrier, a Broker-of-record (BOR) letter may need to be completed by your new agent (signed by you) When switching carriers but keeping the same agent – this could be quite simple if the agent has a partnership with the new carrier. If not, your agent can advise you of the procedure, which may involve switching to another agent (which may require some additional paperwork)
Types of business insurance Bodily Injury Property Damage Harassment Discrimination Directors & Officers Liability Errors and Omissions (E&O) Advertising Injury Personal Injury Workers Compensation A comprehensive general liability insurance policy should help keep you in business with - Legal expenses Medical expenses Settlement expenses Our business insurance experts have helped many businesses in the New York, NY and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. How do you pay for the policy? Three options depending on your circumstances – Paid Up front – usually for new businesses, or businesses that don’t have strong financials. Monthly Installment (financed) Quarterly or twice a year payments (not necessarily financed, but because you have a history with the carrier they give you this payment plan) How business (liability) insurance works. The general liability coverage of a business insurance policy outlines the maximum amount the insurance company will pay against a liability claim. For example, if your business gets sued for $250,000 for medical costs associated with an injury plus an additional $100,000 in legal fees, but your coverage amount is maxed at $300,000, then you would be responsible for paying the difference of $50,000. Now, if you are on the higher end of the risk scale, and already have general liability insurance, you can also opt for excess insurance or business umbrella insurance that increases your coverage limits. This will cover you in situations in which you’re worried that your existing coverage won’t cover all your costs should someone file and win a claim against you. Our agents have helped many businesses in the New York, NY and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too.
Landscaping Firm Implements Drug Testing
LANDSCAPING FIRM IMPLEMENTS DRUG TESTING WORKING PARTNERS Architectural Landscaping, Inc., in Tucson, Arizona, creates 'outdoor living environments' by installing pools, masonry, and retaining walls, as well as plants. The firm employs 32 people, most of whom are in their early 20s. Twelve of these employees are administrative and clerical workers. Several years ago, employee in-field performance and attendance were unsatisfactory. Workers began exhibiting symptoms that kept them from performing their jobs in a safe and timely manner. After numerous complaints from clients, it became apparent that there was a problem. The firm immediately contacted colleagues in similar businesses to ask for information regarding substance abuse and to get their suggestions for potential solutions to the problem. The other companies warned that for the first few months, Architectural Landscaping would regret installing a substance abuse policy because of the turmoil it would create. It was a price worth paying; today, the company realizes that implementing a substance abuse policy was the best thing it ever did. A meeting was held for all employees to outline a zero-tolerance substance abuse policy and to inform them that the policy was effective immediately for all new hires and would go into effect in 90 days for all current employees. Drug testing is conducted after industrial and vehicle accidents. Copies of the policy, including consent to be tested randomly at any time, are signed by all employees and kept in the personnel records. If an employee fails the initial test, he must pay for it. All new hires are screened for drug use at company expense. They may start work, but on condition of a clean screen within six days. This procedure allows a reasonable opportunity for alcohol to pass through the system. Employees who test positive a second time are terminated. The cost of the program is minimal. An independent, off-site clinic administers the screening test, which is done on the worker's time at a cost of $18. While cost savings are difficult to document, Architectural Landscaping feels its program ensures safe working conditions and that it has experienced improved morale-proof that some rewards go beyond the financial.