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What affects the price of auto insurance? Insured Driver and Additional drivers profile Age Driving history Credit profile Insured Automobile Type and age of vehicle Cost of vehicle Safety options on the vehicle (type of brakes, body construction, crash test data etc) Estimated miles expected to be driven Other Deductible Amount – the lower out of pocket deductible, the higher the insurance premium. Amount of coverage limits – higher the coverage limits, the higher the premium. Additional and supporting insurance policies – examples of policies that support an auto policy Personal Umbrella Health Insurance Accident Insurance Our auto insurance experts are helping individuals and families in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, on a daily basis. Give us a call. Common Auto Insurance coverages Some form of liability is mandatory in almost all states. Many people get the minimum coverage to save costs. But, there are a slew of other coverages that are very important. Collision – covers your own car and property. Property damage – this covers damages to the other motorists cars (involved in the accident) and property. Comprehensive – this covers damages and replacement due to being stolen, fire or water damages. But, in some states this comprehensive coverage also includes ‘Uninsured Motorist’ and a few other coverages. What’s included or bundled into a comprehensive policy can also differ by insurance carrier. Uninsured Motorist – mandatory in many states, this coverages kicks in when the other driver does not have adequate coverage or your vehicle is involved in a hit and run accident (the hit-and-run driver is not identifiable) Car Rental Insurance – this kicks in when you need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. Medical Bills – covers deductibles and medical payments not otherwise covered by your health insurance or the other drivers (at fault drivers) insurance. Mandatory in some states. Our agents can help you find great auto insurance rates; we know the specific laws and nuances of auto insurance in and around the Tulsa, OK area. Is it easy to switch auto insurance carriers or insurance agents? In short, yes. But, there is a procedure to follow for best results. If your previous carrier is reputable you will get a pro-rated refund fairly quickly. An insurance agent can help you with this process. You want to make sure you have coverage in place with the new carrier before you cancel your policy with the old carrier. This is important as you do not want to be uninsured for even a few hours. When switching agents but keeping the same carrier, a Broker-of-record (BOR) letter may need to be completed by your new agent (signed by you) When switching carriers but keeping the same agent – this could be quite simple if the agent has a partnership with the new carrier. If not, your agent can advise you of the procedure, which may involve switching to another agent (which may require some additional paperwork)
What does it cost? It’s difficult to come up with any tangible estimate as it varies greatly based on the coverage you need, type of business, revenue earned, exposure profile of the business; what other additional policies you have, etc. But, by way of example - let's take a small marketing services firm (office workers), that has 5 employees (including one owner - 100%). All the employees work indoors, do not use their cars for work purposes, no goods to move, has a company informational website (but no real cyber liability exposure), has clients than typically pay about $20,000 per year in fees to the firm. The firm needs $1M million in coverage and $2 million in aggregate coverage. A firm such as this can expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $2,500 a year in general liability insurance coverage. This is an example only - actual costs will vary. Your state, local county regulations and rule could affect the costs of insurance. To learn more from our experts in the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Common Exclusions Please note, coverage does vary by insurer and it will include additional exclusions other than the examples below. It would be best to thoroughly review your policy to know exactly what your policy does and doesn't cover. Damage to Your Work - Usually, commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for property damage to your work. Damage to Your Product - Commercial general liability policies will not cover property damage to your product. Contractual Liability - Commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for bodily injury or property damage that you are obligated to pay because you assumed liability in a contract or agreement. Recall of Products, Work, or Impaired Property - Commercial general liability policies will not pay the cost to recall faulty products, work, or impaired property. You do have the option to add this coverage to the policy by endorsement for an additional cost. Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability - Commercial general liability policies don’t provide coverage for workers' compensation, or employer's liability. There may be other exclusions that apply on a local level to the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. What coverage do you need? The coverage you will need depends on: The type of business you are in The perceived risk associated with it Your business location is also another factor that is taken into consideration. As an example, some states tend to award more in damages to plaintiffs claiming personal injury than others. It’s best to speak with a licensed insurance broker to determine the best coverage for your business. A licensed insurance broker can discuss with you if you fall into the lower risk category. If so, you may want to consider a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). This policy would combine both your general liability and property insurance (and possibly other coverages) at a multiple policy, cost-effective rate. To learn more from our experts in the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us.
What are the common exclusions on a homeowner’s insurance policy? In general, negligence is not covered by any type of insurance policy – but here are some common exclusions for the home owner to be aware of - Earthquake Insurance (including ground movements, sinkholes, etc)- in earthquake states you are explicitly asked to sign an earthquake insurance waiver. Alternatively you can get earthquake insurance (normally from a different insurer) Flood damage – the typical home insurance policy does not cover flood damage – you will need a separate flood insurance policy for that. Mold damage is normally covered only if you had a recent plumbing leak and you take action quickly. Infestations – insect and vermin infestation (pests) are not covered. Dangerous Dogs – you are asked about your pets when applying for a home insurance policy specifically because many carriers do not cover a situation where your dog bites a neighbor. In fact, you may not get coverage if you have a dangerous dog; or you may pay a higher premium. Dog bite insurance claims are well over a quarter of all home insurance claims, so insurers are increasingly careful about insuring dangerous pet owners. To learn more from our experts in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. What about Renters and Condo insurance? Condo owners insurance essentially the same as homeowners insurance. There are some differences since there are some factors at play such as Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) and they also carry insurance, but in essence, getting insurance for your condo is comparable (maybe less expensive in some areas) to home owners insurance. A cousin to homeowners (or condo owners) insurance is Renters insurance – this is an increasingly popular policy among people renting. The Great Recession may have been a catalyst as more people resorted to renting rather than buying, but there is data that shows that millennials prefer to rent rather than make a larger investment of their time and money in a home/mortgage. Renters insurance typically covers the valuables in the renter’s apartment/condo/home. The primary insured is the person/s renting the home and the estimated value of their property in the rental unit. It normally covers fire and casualty damage, but there are some additional coverages available in some areas like theft coverage, jewelry/valuables, etc. To learn more from our experts in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Why does homeowners insurance go up gradually or sometimes suddenly? This can depend on many factors, but in essence a few key factors are at play – The size of the pool of people buying insurance in that region/state (areas surrounding Tulsa, OK). Recent catastrophes – forest fire damage, widespread earthquake damage, or widespread flooding. An indicative trend in certain conditions – such as data showing that there are more earthquakes in the region as a result of heavy fracking in the area. Competition among insurers. Insurance losses.
How do you pay for the policy? Three options depending on your circumstances – Paid Up front – usually for new businesses, or businesses that don’t have strong financials. Monthly Installment (financed) Quarterly or twice a year payments (not necessarily financed, but because you have a history with the carrier they give you this payment plan) How business (liability) insurance works. The general liability coverage of a business insurance policy outlines the maximum amount the insurance company will pay against a liability claim. For example, if your business gets sued for $250,000 for medical costs associated with an injury plus an additional $100,000 in legal fees, but your coverage amount is maxed at $300,000, then you would be responsible for paying the difference of $50,000. Now, if you are on the higher end of the risk scale, and already have general liability insurance, you can also opt for excess insurance or business umbrella insurance that increases your coverage limits. This will cover you in situations in which you’re worried that your existing coverage won’t cover all your costs should someone file and win a claim against you. Our agents have helped many businesses in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. What is business insurance? A business insurance policy of business insurance package (multiple coverages and riders) normally starts with general liability insurance (or 'CGL'). It protects your business from a financial loss if you find yourself liable for property damage, personal, or an injury that was caused by your business, services provided, business operations or your employees. Our experts have helped many businesses in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too.
What auto insurance coverages follow the driver and what coverages follow the vehicle? You will need to double check with your agent and/or insurance carrier who will help you understand your policy and its exclusions, but, in general – Liability insurance follows the driver to any eligible vehicle driven by the insured. Comprehensive and Collision insurance however are related to the vehicle and follow the covered vehicle. But, many conditions apply, the most common of which is that the ‘loaned’ vehicle must have been driven with explicit permission from the person loaning (the primary insured) the vehicle. Exceptions apply, get in touch and we will help you understand your policy exceptions and coverages. To learn more from our experts in the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Auto Insurance coverages explained Bodily-injury liability insurance is mandatory in all states. The exceptions or workarounds are - New Hampshire (personal responsibility requirement by owner/driver) Virginia (uninsured motorist fee) Mississippi (motorists can post bonds) So, at the very minimum all drivers must have bodily-injury liability insurance or some form of protection for damages to the drivers of the vehicles involved, their passengers and even pedestrians. Our auto insurance experts have helped many folks in the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. What about additional drivers and additional vehicles? Some policies (especially comprehensive auto insurance policies) have protection for family members (household members) that drive your vehicles. But, this is not common. Adding additional vehicles is quite simple and will definitely affect your overall premium. Adding additional drivers, while also a simple task, could dramatically affect your policy based on the history of the additional driver. Contact us today and we will help you get this going.