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Professional Liability Insurance Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC) is the g...Phone: 484-344-4647 Email: [email protected] Rich Bova Phone: 212-338-2937 Email: [email protected]
...iding a wide variety of insurance programs, including: Apartment Houses...ty Office Building Program Building Contents,...
...usiness. Whether it is one of our programs or some other classification you ne...
...oups & Individuals Captive Programs Minimum premiums starting at $50...
Directors, Officers and Company Liability insurance is a policy designed to provide financial protection for the directors, officers, and the corporate entity which they serve.
...ors & Omissions Insurance. Program Features: Numerous Admitted &...
...ervice Professionals Crime Program Features Limits from ...tractors Cybercrime Program Features Coverage ...
All Risk-Unique Classes: Airports Large Municipal Schedules School Boards Food Processors Water Service Districts Metal Workers Manufacturing Risks: Plastic Injection Operations Sheet Metal Operations Wood Workers Paper & Cardboard Manufacturing Unprotected, Older Construction, Large PML & Non-Sprinkelered Buildings Large Real Estate/Apartment Schedules: Apartment Complexes Offices Vacant Buildings Restaurants/Hotels: Large Chains or Single Location 250MM+ in Capacity Including Locations in CAT Areas CAT Perils/Difference in Conditions: Earthquake & Flood Coverage in All States Including New Madrid, California & Western US Commercial Earthquake Coverage Over $250MM of Combined Earthquake Capacity Available in the PML We Cover All Types of Real Estate Including: Apartment Complexes & Offices, Manufacturing Facilities, Studios, Theaters, Airports & Housing Authorities Flood Coverage Can be Added on DIC Policies Located in Flood Zones A/V, Available Excess of NFIP Coastal Windstorm Coverage: Available on All Risk or DIC Basis Either as Stand Alone or Part of a Larger Schedule Deductible Buy-Downs Available Apartments, Condos, Manufacturing Facilities, Hotels, etc.
Insurance Agents & Brokers Mortgage Bankers / Brokers Escrow Companies Title Companies and Agents Tax Deferred Exchange Attorneys Travel Agents Medical Malpractice Architects & Engineers For Most All Professions, If Not Shown Here Call
Our Specializations: Coastal Property Homeowner Coverage Secondary, Seasonal & Vacation Residences with or without Coastal & Earthquake Exposure Course of Construction / Remodeling Vacant & Rental Dwellings Properties with Previous Loss History Homes in Unprotected Areas PC 9 & 10, California Brush Country Stand alone Earthquake and/or Excess Flood Properties Tilted in an LLC or Trust EFIS or DRIVIT Stucco Florida Homeowner’s Coverage