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...ees work indoors, do not use their cars for work purposes, no goods to move, h...
... I need an MGA who can write for a black car service business. There are only 2 drivers and there is one black car ad a sedan, these are by reservat...
What does home owners insurance cost? This can vary greatly, as you would expect. Here are some affecting factors – Estimated value of property/dwelling including improvement value. Location of the home and homes surrounding it. We understand the specific conditions in the Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas. How the home is occupied (usage and residents) Insurance history and profile of the primary insured. Who the insurer is and their history in the region. Recent catastrophes in the area. The primary insure/s credit history and ability to keep the policy current. What is the Home Insurance claim process like? Your insurance policy will outline your deductible (and/or waiver of deductible), and the contact information to file a claim. It also outlines what is covered and what is excluded from coverage. Take pictures of all the damage, losses, and document in great detail what you expect to claim. Armed with policy in hand you should call the insurance company and begin the claims process. You will be assigned a claims adjustor after the initial claim filing. You can file a claim on the phone or online in most cases. You will be contacted by the adjustor who will ask for more details and have some questions. The adjustor will them come out or send out a professional to assess the damage, if needed. They will file a report and guide you through the rest of the process – every insurance company is different in the order of handling reimbursements, paperwork filing and organizing repairs etc. But, if you are with a reputable home insurance company, you will have the right information at every step of the way. A local insurance agent, such as us can help walk you through the whole process and coordinate with the insurer and the claims adjustor to make the claims process much easier on the home owner and their family and loved ones – another reason to use a local insurance agency in the Brooklyn, NY area. How to pay for homeowners insurance? This can vary greatly, as you would expect. Here are some affecting factors – Insurers give homeowners monthly pay options (with an additional service fee), an annual prepay and sometimes a quarterly pay. You can also get the insurance premium ‘impounded’ with your mortgage payment – where your mortgage servicer collects the money from you as part of your monthly mortgage fee (plus home insurance dues), and they in turn put the additional payments into an escrow account and disburse the taxes and insurance accordingly on your behalf. When the insurance premiums rise, the mortgage services company adjusts your payment structure accordingly. To learn more from our experts in the Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas, get in touch with us.
What affects the price of auto insurance? Insured Driver and Additional drivers profile Age Driving history Credit profile Insured Automobile Type and age of vehicle Cost of vehicle Safety options on the vehicle (type of brakes, body construction, crash test data etc) Estimated miles expected to be driven Other Deductible Amount – the lower out of pocket deductible, the higher the insurance premium. Amount of coverage limits – higher the coverage limits, the higher the premium. Additional and supporting insurance policies – examples of policies that support an auto policy Personal Umbrella Health Insurance Accident Insurance Our auto insurance experts are helping individuals and families in the Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas, on a daily basis. Give us a call. How to pay for your auto insurance policy? The policy normally is valid for 6 months, and renews every six months, although some policies are annual. You can change auto insurance at any time and get a pro-rated refund if due. Most carriers will give you multiple payment options – Monthly auto debit from your bank account. Pay by mail/check (includes a service fee) Quarterly or bi-monthly payments. Is it easy to switch auto insurance carriers or insurance agents? In short, yes. But, there is a procedure to follow for best results. If your previous carrier is reputable you will get a pro-rated refund fairly quickly. An insurance agent can help you with this process. You want to make sure you have coverage in place with the new carrier before you cancel your policy with the old carrier. This is important as you do not want to be uninsured for even a few hours. When switching agents but keeping the same carrier, a Broker-of-record (BOR) letter may need to be completed by your new agent (signed by you) When switching carriers but keeping the same agent – this could be quite simple if the agent has a partnership with the new carrier. If not, your agent can advise you of the procedure, which may involve switching to another agent (which may require some additional paperwork)