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This program is one of few carriers I know of in the construction market that will actually cover a concrete contractor performing foundation repairs. Many programs will write the concrete class however when it specifically comes down to foundation repairs most carriers will not entertain that risk. We can help! Rated A15 by AM Best Available in AZ, CA, CT, FL, ID, IL, ND, NV, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TX, UT, WA Tract Work OK per Underwriting Approval Apartments OK New Ventures Acceptable No Prior OK Minium Premiums starting at $2,000 Roofers OK EIFS coverage can be included (underwriter’s decision) Blanket A/I, Primary, Waiver and Per Project Available Subsidence (per Underwriting Approval) Prior Projects (with limitations) 100% Sub out OK Paper GCs Preferred Will Consider Accounts with Claim Activity New construction on residential and commercial projects, including custom and spec homes. Restoration work OK 100% sub out OK Construction managers OK $2,000 MP ($3,000 to delete prior works with *Loss Runs) Eligible Risks Too long to list…… quicker to just reference the ineligible risks Ineligible Risks New construction of condominiums, condominium conversions and townhouses Risks with exposure to process piping, blasting, landfills, tunneling, “emergency systems and otherSimilar extra hazardous exposures. Bridge Airport construction Swimming pool contractors Fire suppression contractors Crane Operators
General Liability Insurance for Flat Concrete Contractors can be very tricky. Especially since concrete is the foundational building block of almost every structure. If the material turns out to be sub-par of the workmanship is shown later to have been shoddy or neglectful, even the best concrete contractor can be sued for damages. If you clients don’t have the right insurance coverage, they could face a significant loss of money and even result in the closing of your business. Empire Underwriters has a product from an “A” rated carrier that is designed specifically for the risks and exposures associated with the concrete industry. Let us take a look of your submission and see if we can help you and your client. Please contact us at 800-758-8113 to speak to our experienced brokers about your General Liability Insurance for Flat Concrete Contractors accounts. Overview: Insurance and risk management services for small- to medium-size Flat Concrete Contractors. Market Focus: Flat Concrete Contractor General Liability program focused on small to medium contractors with less than $1,000,000 annual payroll. Appetite: Smooth Concrete Work Decorative Concrete Work Concrete Cleaning Commercial and Residential Slabs and footers Coverages Available: Blanket Additional Insured Waiver of Subrogation Primary and Non-Contributory Per Project Aggregate Subsidence (with limitations) Prior Projects (with limitations) Submission Requirements: ACORD Applications Currently valued loss runs - 3 to 5 years Supplemental Application Pollution - Project Specific Application Do you need a General Liability Insurance quote for your Flat Concrete Contractor Account? Send an email to with your coverage needs or call 800-758-8113 to speak to an underwriter immediately.
Here at Veracity we have a team that offers a diversified set of specialty insurance products that are traditionally hard to place. The Veracity Contract Binding market provides us the ability to quote, bind and issue policies for 700 different classes of business on a nationwide basis. The target accounts exhibit low to moderate exposures including general contractors, trade contractors, retail, lessors' risk, GL and Property packages, new entities and a variety of additional niche product lines. Some of our program highlights include general liability, inland marine, and property coverage. In addition we offer coverage on available aggregate jobsites. Our Contract Binding program works with a broad range of classes! Target accounts exhibit low to moderate exposure including: 1- 60010- Apartment Buildings 2- 91585-Contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with construction, reconstruction, repair or erection of buildings - Not Otherwise Classified 3- 61217- Buildings or Premises - bank or office - mercantile or manufacturing - maintained by the insured (Lessor's risk only) (For-Profit) 4- 91580- Contractors - executive supervisors or executive superintendents 5- 91583- Contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with building construction, reconstruction, repair or erection - one or two family dwellings 6- 91560- Concrete Construction 7- 99793- Truckers 8- 91581- Contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with construction, reconstruction, erection or repair - not buildings - Not Otherwise Classified 9- 63010- Dwellings - one-family (lessor's risk only) 10 61212 Buildings or Premises - bank or office - mercantile or manufacturing (Lessor's risk only) (For-Profit) 11- 62003- Condominiums - residential - (association risk only) 12- 98678- Roofing - residential - three stories and under 13- 98483- Plumbing - residential or domestic 14- 99507- Swimming Pools - installation, servicing, or repair - below ground 15- 48925- Swimming Pools - Not Otherwise Classified 16- 91577- Conduit Construction for Cables or Wires 17- 95410- Grading of Land 18- 98482- Plumbing - commercial and industrial 19- 97447- Masonry 20- 91342- Carpentry - Not Otherwise Classified 21- 99613- Telephone, Telegraph or Cable Television Line Construction 22- 91340- Carpentry - construction of residential property not exceeding three stories in height 23- 94007- Excavation 24- 92215- Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk - paving or repaving 25- 92338- Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation 26- 96409- Insulation Work - organic or plastic in solid state 27- 91190- Automobile Dismantling 28- 45190- Hotels and Motels - with pools or beaches - less than four stories 29- 45192- Hotels and Motels - without pools or beaches - less than four stories 30- 94381- Fire Suppression Systems - installation, servicing or repair 31- 91341- Carpentry - interior 32- 98884- Sheet Metal Work - shop and outside 33- 95648- Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment - dealers or distributors and installation, servicing or repair - Not Otherwise Classified 34- 98820- Sewer Mains or Connections Construction 35- 63013- Dwellings - four-family (lessor's risk only) 36- 13673- Grocery Stores (excluding Supermarkets with receipts in excess of $500,000 and area in excess of 3,000 sq. feet) 37- 63011- Dwellings - two-family (lessor's risk only) 38- 98677- Roofing - commercial or residential over three stories 39- 96816- Janitorial Services 40- 97047- Landscape Gardening For more information about our Contract Binding program please give us a call! Our team of experts are waiting to help you and your client.
Working with Concrete everyday carries its on set of risks. Risks range from workers slipping to falling debris. It is important for your clients that they can depend on the insurance they have to keep them from having unwanted financial liabilities. Empire’s Concrete Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance is specifically designed for the risks faced by Concrete Contractors. We want to work with you and your agency to sort through accounts and find out where we can help you and your clients. Please contact us at 800-758-8113 to speak to our experienced brokers about your Concrete Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance accounts. Appetite: MOD 1.30 or Greater High Hazard or Tough Classes Blue, Gray and White Collar Accounts Accounts in State Pools or Funds Distressed Accounts or Lapsed No Prior, Cancelled, Non-Renewed New Ventures ... OK Multi-State Exposure our Specialty Hard To Place Workers Compensation Insurance Program Features: Quick Turnaround Many "A" Rated Carriers Stand Alone Workers Comp Guaranteed Cost Solutions Integrated Work Comp Solutions Dividend and Retro Plans High Deductible Programs Custom Account Handling Requirements: ACORD 130 3-4 Years Loss Runs Details on Large Losses Supplemental Questionnaire Do you need a Concrete Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance Quote? Send an email to with your coverage needs or call 800-758-8113 to speak to an underwriter immediately.
Cement/Concrete Contractor Insurance - Workers Compensation All Risks, Ltd. is dedicated to your clients' insurance needs. As the largest national independent insurance wholesale broker, All Risks, Ltd. brings expertise to the Concrete Construction industry. Eligible Class Codes for Cement Contractor Insurance 5221 Concrete/Cement 5201 CA 5200 NJ/TX 608 DE/PA New Ventures Allowed in Select States Ineligible Risks for Cement Contractor Insurance Operate a concrete or asphalt batch plant Perform any cement pumping ops or have any Redi-Mix cement vehicles Submission Requirements for Cement Contractor Insurance A Complete Submission is Requested to Assure Best Terms and Prices are Offered Along with: ACORD 130 Application E-Mod Worksheet 3 Years Loss Runs Supplemental Questions All Risks Supplemental Application Highlights for Cement Contractor Insurance Competitive Pricing and Commissions In-house underwriting authority with the majority of Workers' Compensation Carriers Direct access to numerous programs and pricing mechanisms that you may not have access to, even though you may be contracted with the carrier Markets for high E-Mods (no maximum) Direct Bill with numerous Payment Plan Options Dedicated underwriters available 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday