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... Classes • General ContractorsResident & Commercial • New Ventures are Eligible • Roofing Contractors OK from 3-5 stories General Cont...
Comprehensive Personal Liability • Coverage offered for owner occupied or tenant occupied one, two three and four family dwellings • Coverage offered for condominium unit owners, mobile home owners and tenants of multiple unit buildings • Coverage for owner occupied secondary residences • Coverage offered for dwellings under renovation or construction, where the insured is not the general contractor • Individual Trusts, Estates, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) and Family Partnerships can be written as the named insured • Limits of up to $1,000,000 available • $5,000 Medical Payments Coverage included • Celebrity Applicants are eligible • Personal Injury included • Coverage for Vacant Land is available • Incidental Office Occupancy is available Excess Personal Liability • Product available for 1-4 family dwellings – owner or tenant occupied • Coverage offered for condominium unit owners, mobile homes and tenants of multiple unit buildings • Can be used as a “buffer” to meet minimum attachment point for a Personal Umbrella policy • Named Insured can be a Trust, Estate, LLC or Family Partnership • Coverage available for high profile applicants
...ons Reimbursement - Resident Property coverage - Em...
We have several clients interested in Faulty Workmanship coverage. Two examples: 1. While buffing floors, a janitorial contractor was not operating the machinery correctly and damaged the wood floor they were working on, resulting in it having to be completely replaced. Not covered as it's part of "Your Work". 2. While installing solar window film, a contractor broke the window and frame with a tool. Not covered as it's part of "Your Work". Looking for a market to write these types of risks. Any help is appreciated.