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...United States Longshore and Harbor (highlight'>USL&H) Workers Compensation act was fo...r A.M. Best Rated A+ XV carrier in Zurich, allow us to deliver a competitive, comprehensive coverage for all of your traditional maritime insureds, including your hardest to place risk client and inclu...
... Steel erectors Roofers highlight'>USL&H Trucking Logging Bridge ...please visit our website at
...and experienced staff is equipped with nationwide product knowledge, long-term company relationships and workers' compensation expertise that is second to none in the wholesale market. Our results oriented focus is to find you the best market available for all of your workers' compensation clients while at the same time providing you with a world class level of service. ...
What do we consider a "hard to place risk"? High mod over 1.50 (no mod too high) Steel erection ...ed financial statements, in particular the insured's balance sheet Target premium if at all possible. This is very helpful and is a key to success.
...g Exclusions: Towing highlight'>USL&H Exposure Hazardous Material Handling Greater than 25% Use of Part-Time Labor Multiple Factors Affect the Cost of Workers’ Comp In addition to the governing codes listed above, the following factors are good indicators that a company might benefit from the Pride Risk workers’ comp solution. if you are interested in accessing the program through one of its many MBA’s. If you are a large wholesaler, MGA/MGU and can meet certai...
COVERAGES FOR highlight'>USL&H INSURANCE •United State...0 The following classes may also have highlight'>USL&H (possibly incidental only) exposure: •Heating and A/C Contractors •Engine Repair •Fire Extinguisher Servicing •Sheet Metal Work •Architects and Engineers •Refrige... all businesses • Monoline highlight'>USL&H for WA and OH Accounts • Stand Alone Incidental highlight'>USL&H coverage • Guaranteed Cost Base Act • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Please contact us today for more information on our Longshore Workers program!
... prevention, and claims. As well as highlight'>USL&H coverage needs. We partner closely with our carriers and retail brokers to help solve coverage questions and placeme... a more complete presentation of our workers compensation capabilities, please visit our ...