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You get unprecedented value from our Premium Storefront package. The tools are online, easy to use, and backed by exemplary support. Once you set things up correctly, you can sit back and watch the inquiries and submissions roll in. All application forms and attachments are secure and HIPAA compliant. 

We provide the tools to track your performance monthly. You can even track email conversations how each submission is going.

Nowhere in the industry can you get a turnkey marketing system that has all of this value and power tools at your fingertips.

If you have products that need to be in front of P&C agents, or L&H agents, this is the easiest and most cost effective way to boost your lead pipeline, increase your SEO (and traffic back to your website) and grow your agency.

A storefront is a detailed product/service page. It typically has -
  • An intro to the product/service
  • Availability - premium guidelines, states available
  • Coverages applicable
  • Submission guidelines
  • Whom to contact for more info/submissions.

No technical expertise required. Just a keyboard, a mouse and a desire to succeed!

Company Profile (Link, Logo, URL, Social Media)
Customize your company profile, look & feel, custom URL, social media contacts, etc.
Unlimited Products/Storefronts
Set up as many storefronts/product pages as you like. We even have a clone feature, making it easier for you to work off a template.
Company Contact Form
Easy online inquiries to the company can be tracked.
Storefront Contact Form
Inquiries from each storefront can go to different people.
Storefront Inquiry/Submission Auto Responder
Set up an auto responder to send to each prospect after you get a submission or inquiry.
Lead/Submission Routing to Department Contacts
Each storefront can be easily set up to be connected to different departments and contacts. So, submissions can go directly to that product underwriter/marketer.
Custom Storefront Links - Online Quote, Appointment Form, ACORD forms
On a storefront basis, you can display the links that apply, which ACORD forms, which templates, and even which custom Online Quote links you need on that storefront.
Unlimited Press Releases
Post unlimited Press Releases on our platform that goes out to industry press contacts.
Personalized SEO of Storefronts/Listings
For product/storefronts you list, we give you personalized tips to help get the best possible search engine (Google, Bing) rankings.
Appear in Search Results
Appear in search results and get submissions, which are tracked and stored in your Lead Dashboard
Lead Dashboard
Centralized place where all your inquiries, submissions (leads) are stored. Email communication between the Agent and your team is also recorded and view-able.
Storefront Notifications
Set up to be notified when someone is viewing your storefront, or engages with your storefront.
Monthly Scoreboard Report
On the 1st of ever month, you get a summarized report of everything that is going on with your company profile, storefront pages, all leads, activity to your pages and web analytics.
Google Analytics
Every link will be automatically embedded with GA parameters so you can track activity in your Google Analytics account as well.
Monthly price: $249.95
Annual price: $2,499.95