Prestige Agency

Reach more customers searching for insurance

Help people get to know your agency - manage your agency profile, add photos, connect with social media and your community. Make your clients happy - provide them with valuable content, stay on top of feedback and keep the renewals flowing. Get leads, inquiries and quote requests to your inbox and track the progress.

For a monthly fee (cancel anytime)
, our premium agencies get the following additional benefits: 

 A 'Certified Agency' seal that can be used on all marketing material.
 Unlimited, consumer facing, search optimized product landing pages.
 Ability to Dispute Negative Reviews

 Capture web leads and route to an email recipient of your choice.

 Web analytics – see all the traffic that is navigating across your entire Agency profile and smart sites.
 SEO Rank Tracking (Monthly) – we will track your search engine progress (CompleteMarkets and your own agency website), and provide you with a side by side comparison of search rankings and LOCAL search rankings for Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines..
Note: This service replaces and includes the services from IMMS Agency Membership (Silver/Gold)
Monthly price: $49.00
Annual price: $495.00