Agricultural Consultant Errors and Omissions Insurance

As an agricultural consultant, a Professional Liability Insurance policy with E & O insurance coverage helps provide protection against many unforeseeable events.

Work mistakes & Oversights

Working in an industry that feeds the world can be quite intimidating.  Dealing with economic and climatic variables makes your job all the more difficult.  Off course you will make mistakes. Agricultural Consultant Errors and Omissions coverage provides you financial backing to overcome hefty legal defense fees and costly settlements.

Breach of Contract – Undelivered Services

Contracts have become an unavoidable part of life. It’s easy to encounter a breach of contract since most clients – farmers or farm related businesses, often don’t know what they really want, or how to go about getting it.  Perhaps that’s why they ended up hiring a consultant in the first place! Expectations can sometimes be un-realistic.


An Agricultural consultant is expected to provide advice on crop rotation, use of fertilizer, irrigation & pest control measures.  If desired goals are not reached or obtained, a client could end up suing the consultant for professional negligence.

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Errors & Omissions Insurance

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Specified Professions Errors & Omissions

Expertise. Solution. Service. Available Limits • Errors and omissions up to $5 million • General liability $1 million/$3 million limit • Business personal property limits up to $250,000 • Business income up to $50,000 • Hired and non-owned auto up ...
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