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AP Advantage provides retail agents and brokers the benefits of specialty experience combined with exceptional customer service, on a national basis. We pride ourselves on having the experience, market resources, resourcefulness and attention to detail to satisfy our customer’s needs. We recognize you have many market access choices. Think of us as the wholesale agency on your team for your small and mid-size business. We can handle everything from main-street accounts to complex and hard-to-place risks.

Looking for Coverage for Medi Spas?

Kerry Capen Kerry Capen , 3/7/2017
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Whether your client is an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Spa, Preventive/Wellness Spa, Alternative Spa Or Large Massage Franchise with multiple locations, we have access to the carriers providing coverage.
Covered Procedures:
•   Non-surgical cosmetic
•   Aesthetic skin care
•   Botox
•   Dermal fillers
•   Colonics
•   Wart, mole and skin tag removal
•   Non-surgical weight loss management and administration of hormone therapy
•   Esthetician services
•   Body Waxing
•   Facials
•   Electrolysis
•   Hair Transplants
•   Laser Hair Removal
•   Laser Skin Treatment
•   Microdermabrasion
•   Permanent Makeup/Micropigmentation
•   Massage Therapy
Additional Coverage Enhancements That May Be Available (Vary By Carrier/Risk):
•   Dedicated Limit of Defense
•   Punitive Damages
•   Disciplinary Proceedings Defense
•   Subpoena Defense
•   Reputational Risk
•   Office Premises Patient Property Damage
•   Sexual Abuse / Molestation Sublimits
•   Defense Outside
•   First Dollar Defense
•   Cyber Sublimits
•   Extension of Coverage to Medical Doctors for direct patient care
•   Media, Data Security and Privacy Coverage
•   Professional Liability/General Liability Combined Policy
Multiple Limit Options/Deductibles Available
Coverage Extends To Medical Directors For Administrative Duties
Incident Sensitive
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AP Advantage is division of Chamber Insurance Agency Services LLC. We are a fully licensed surplus lines agency, able to handle surplus lines filings for all placements in all states.

Send submissions to We all acknowledge the submissions via e-mail within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response from us, please call us at 855-298-6007.
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