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AP Advantage

AP Advantage provides retail agents and brokers the benefits of specialty experience combined with exceptional customer service, on a national basis. We pride ourselves on having the experience, market resources, resourcefulness and attention to detail to satisfy our customer’s needs. We recognize you have many market access choices. Think of us as the wholesale agency on your team for your small and mid-size business. We can handle everything from main-street accounts to complex and hard-to-place risks.

When Primary Coverage is Not Enough

Kerry Capen Kerry Capen , 6/1/2017
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"Use Our Expertise to Your Advantage"
When Your Clients Need More...Our "A" Rated Markets Provide Us With Quick Turn-Around, Competitive Minimum Premiums And No Self Insured Retention.
Targeted Classes: Product Highlights:
•    Restaurants
•    Hospitality: Hotels, Motels, etc.
•    Real Estate: Apartments, Vacant land/Farms, LRO Buildings, etc.
•    Commercial & Trade Contractors
(Commercial not available in NY)
•    Retail
•    Service
•    Distributors
•    Homeowner/Town home Associations
•    Manufacturing
•    Stand alone P&C Umbrella, Following Form Excess and High Excess Liability accounts.
•    $1mil - $10 mil available for UMB, FFEXS, and High EXS coverage - High EXS has a maximum attachment point of $25mil (not including primary limits)
•    Coverage in all 50 States for both Admitted & Non-admitted paper
•    Over 700+ GL Class Codes available
•    Competitive Pricing:
  •    Low Hazard (Apartments): MP $750/1st mil, $650 / additional layer
  •    Medium Hazard (Hotels): MP $900/1st mil, $750 additional layer
•    Quick turnaround
•    All limits automatically listed on the Quote Letter
Submissions And Inquiries To: submissionsct@Apadvantage1.Com
We will acknowledge the submission via e-mail within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response from us, please call us at 855-298-6007.
For more information visit our CompleteMarkets Storefront.
AP Advantage 200 Corporate Place, 220 Rocky Hill, CT 06067 tel: 855-298-6007

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