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All Insurance Underwriters (AIU) is a Master General Agency (MGA) consisting of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. The company mission is simple "provide quality workers compensation markets to our agency partners in a broad array of industries regardless of size, risk or prior experience". Our proven workers' compensation insurance products assist our agency partners and their clientele in obtaining quality yet affordable coverage nationwide.

Clean Up in Aisle 4!

Chris Coalson Chris Coalson , 11/27/2013
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The holidays are always a hectic time to go grocery shopping! Everyone is getting their Turkeys or Ham and all the fixings. Americas alone eat 675,000,000 pounds of turkey each thanksgiving. Most people are able to get their shopping done in advanced, but there are always the ones who procrastinated. This makes the grocery stores a mad house. It is very important that your clients know they are safe while working. There are many risks including slipping, stocking shelves, and ultimately other people. There is also the task of collecting grocery carts from the parking lot; this brings on an all new risk of cars. 

All Insurance Underwriters want to make sure your clients are safe, especially during the holiday season. A work related injury is not a way to spend the joyful holidays. With our Pay – As- You go payment platform and our no upfront premium you won’t have to worry about being short on cash this holiday season. This is the time of year for happiness, not to be stressed out. So Please, let All Insurance Underwriters help you! 

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