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All Insurance Underwriters (AIU) is a Master General Agency (MGA) consisting of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. The company mission is simple "provide quality workers compensation markets to our agency partners in a broad array of industries regardless of size, risk or prior experience". Our proven workers' compensation insurance products assist our agency partners and their clientele in obtaining quality yet affordable coverage nationwide.

Getting started on the right foot!

Chris Coalson Chris Coalson , 1/22/2014
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The history of human development shows that protecting one’s feet was an early adoption. Records date back to the Egyptians, Chinese and early civilizations containing references to shoes. All shoes around the world were identical up until the nineteenth century, this is when, in Philadelphia, the left and right-footed shoes were first made. Each country and civilization soon developed their own unique style of shoe. They also appear in fairy tales, and have different symbols to cultures found around the world.  Because of the many different manufactures, and varieties of shoes, it is hard to say how many shoes are sold each year. On average The Nike Company sells around 120 million shoes each year. The construction of each individual she requires over 100 different operations in the manufacturing process. How many pairs of shoes do you personally own? 

All Insurance Underwriters is proud to offer Boot or Shoe Manufacturing Workers Compensation for your clients. With no upfront premiums due, and no intrusive year end audit, combined with a pay-as-you-go program to improve cash flow, how can you go wrong! All Insurance Underwriters offers both high and small deductible programs. If it is tough to place then it is a fit for us! Don’t allow your client to pay more than the law should allow!

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