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All Insurance Underwriters

All Insurance Underwriters (AIU) is a Master General Agency (MGA) consisting of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. The company mission is simple "provide quality workers compensation markets to our agency partners in a broad array of industries regardless of size, risk or prior experience". Our proven workers' compensation insurance products assist our agency partners and their clientele in obtaining quality yet affordable coverage nationwide.

Unclogging the truth about Insurance

Chris Coalson Chris Coalson , 2/5/2014
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Around 3,000 BC the Indus River Valley Civilization used earthen plumbing pipes to transport water and drain waist. This is the earliest known use of standardized plumbing to date. Plumbing, like everything, has evolved over time. The flushing toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harrington, but it took 255 years until public toilets started to appear. Plumbing is important for many reasons; could you imagine living without it? It’s often taken for granted. Your clients are there when things go wrong and need to be fixed. Your client must work with a variety of tools, some that are powerful enough to cut through metal. Having an accident while working is something everyone wants to avoid, that is why it is important for them to be cautious and safe while using these tools.  

At All Insurance Underwriters we take pride that we can offer a broad array of quality worker’s compensation for your client. We offer a pay as you go payment platform to make it easy for your clients, along with no upfront premium. All Insurance Underwriters wants to make sure your client has the protection they need. Don’t let your client does not pay more than the law should allow.