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Standalone Pollution Liability Tailored to Small Auto Servicing Entities

Allison Crisafulli Allison Crisafulli , 9/5/2017
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Dealer Pollution Advantage
Site Pollution Liability Tailored for Small Auto Servicing Entities
AmWINS Program Underwriters is pleased to now offer Dealer Pollution Advantage, a standalone Site Pollution Liability program available nationally in conjunction with an "A+ XV" rated carrier.

Small entities that provide auto servicing work (such as auto dealers, motorcycle shops, tire dealerships, etc.) have unique pollution liability needs. Often, these small entities can only find limited add-on Pollution Liability coverage which doesn't fully meet their needs or traditional Pollution Liability policies which are expensive and beyond what is needed.

Not Enough
Limited add-on Pollution
Liability coverage

Too Much
Traditional Pollution Liability

Right Size
Dealer Pollution Advantage
is designed to meet the needs
of small auto servicing entities
Standard Pollution Liability Coverages
  • On/off-site clean up and Third Party BI and PD
  • Automatic coverage for above-ground storage tanks up to 110 gallons
  • Ability to schedule above-ground storage tank systems over 110 gallons
  • Ability to schedule non-regulated underground storage tank systems
  • Automatic coverage for third party contingent liability for waste transportation
  • Automatic coverage for third party contingent liability for non-owned waste disposal locations including on-site coverage
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