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Will A Cluster Help Me Grow My Business?

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 11/12/2014
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Clusters have been around for quite some time now and have provided opportunities to many agencies, but will joining a cluster mean I will grow my agency? The short answer is maybe. Just like agencies each cluster is unique. There are some clusters that are designed to stay “hands off” and simply be a place to park your premium and protect your profit sharing. Then there are some that give you access to markets you did not have so you can quote and compete across more markets. There are also some clusters that take ownership in your agency and require you follow their quoting process. Each one provides a different level of service and opportunity. The point is: joining a cluster will not create growth, but instead can provide you the platform for growth!

Axis Associated Brokers was built with agencies in mind, we do not take ownership in your agency, we allow you to quote your own accounts and provide markets and marketing opportunities for you to grow your business.  We are a community of professional agents and brokers are working together to insure we all grow and thrive in this industry. To learn more about this unique cluster opportunity you can view our More Companies More Income More Growth storefront. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!