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Kick Off Your Company in the Right Direction!

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 1/7/2015
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With 2014 coming to a close, you may be thinking of what you can do to advance your company. The answer is to join a cluster! We offer a more personalized plan to assist in your company to reach its maximum potential. Making this jump can be just what you need to kick off your company in the right direction.  

“Top notch emerging and quickly growing cluster group. Instantly gained access to Mercury, Safeco, Allied, Travelers, CNA, Oregon Mutual and many others. Great support and top notch people. Was able to acquire Applied Epic agency management system at a fraction of the normal rate. Keep 100% of commission and very fair contingency bonus split. A must for an agency wanting to pick up key markets and have direct underwriter access. Highly recommend!”- Jeff Snyder

By joining Axis Associated Insurance Brokers, you become a part of a community of professional agencies that collectively unlock hidden opportunities and profits that are unavailable to individual agencies. We have a variety of tools that will allow your company to grow and thrive. We strive to build solid relationships that will last and gain in value. Don’t wait any longer to make the right decision for your company! Give us a call today!

Joseph Deutsch
1/7/2015 9:40:15 AM
It's working for us! In case you're wondering, Axis has been instrumental in our success at gaining market-share in our area by providing top-notch carriers and best in class contracts. We are very pleased with our choice to join.