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Staying Completely Independent

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 1/28/2015
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Choosing the best course for your company can be hard. There are many variables to take into account ranging from Growth to ROI. Each decision can drastically change the course of your business. A common fear of joining a cluster is that you will no longer be independent. That doing so you are forfeiting your company to someone else’s mercy. No one wants to just hand their company off and relinquish control. This can happen immediately or gradually over time without you realizing. Axis Brokers does not take any ownership in your agency today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. 

When you join Axis Associated Insurance Brokers you get 100% of the commissions for the business you place. We give you the chance to remain independent as well as become affiliated with a larger professional peer group. This is the ideal balance for you to exchange ideas and work on ways to expand your own business. Give us a call to learn more how you can stay completely independent!