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Take the Pressure off!

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 4/22/2015
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Take the Pressure off! Put more Time in your day and have more markets.

If you are an independent agency, you are required to get a direct appoint with each carrier you wish to represent. This process involves many comprehensive and time consuming steps. You start by approaching the Carrier, filling out stacks of paperwork, identifying their target risks and meet certain criteria with the criteria such as annual premium requirements. You then wait while the carrier reviews all of the information you provided to see if you meet their requirements. That’s not even the end of it! You will then receive a premium commitment you must produce for the carrier. Each carrier you work with will have different premium commitments they require. This pressure to produce will grow exponentially. In the case of not producing, or retaining your premium, the carrier can “Pull” or “Resend” their appointment from your agency. 

How can a cluster help? In our cluster arrangement, Axis Brokers holds all the master appointments with the carriers; you have a sub-code.  This means you have direct access and can work directly with the carriers. But we maintain the premium requirements as well as manage the master relationship. You are free to place the business wherever you want and we open the door to more companies to choose from.