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Let Axis Protect You!

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 5/13/2015
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Your agency could be vulnerable to carriers. The system requires your agency to be appointed with a carrier you wish to represent. Between the process of trying to get appointed with these carriers, and once you are appointed with them, the premium commitments that are attached, put a lot of pressure on your agency to produce. Even when you have reached the goals set out for you the pressure to grow is still there. You might be wondering, how a cluster can help your agency?

For example:

          An agency that is just getting off the ground can only commit to 1 or 2 insurance companies, but they know they need 6-10 to really grow their business and be competitive in the market. By joining a cluster, they will pay a monthly fee, but now they also get access to many carriers. That’s not all; we also protect you from the premium commitment that they would normally have to have meet to access all of these carriers directly. You no longer have to worry about meeting requirements; instead you get to focus energy on growing your business.

Does your agency sound like the one above? By joining Axis Brokers you can be protected, and grow your company without the added pressure of premium commitments from multiple carriers. Axis Brokers is here to take the pressure off and open the door to opportunity.