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Profit Sharing, What you need to know!

Dean Fletcher Dean Fletcher , 6/10/2015
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Why should your agency join Axis Associated Brokers? I’ll tell you why!

Among the list of reasons, the most important is it will increase profitability and stabilize your company relationships. This is done because profit increases come from several sources opposed to just one. Along with increasing, your agency will be more secure from that inevitable random major loss that is bound to happen. Imagine if your company was to have a million dollar loss, how would your company do? A loss of this size can completely destroy your profit sharing for a year or even two. Would your agency be able to handle a blow like that? 

By joining Axis Associated Brokers you can rest easy knowing that your profit sharing will not be destroyed if you have a major loss. Profit Sharing is only one of many reasons why joining our cluster could be the right decision for your agency. You can learn more by visiting our More Companies More Income More Growth storefront. Or you can always give me a call 408-979-2242