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Wildfires: How You Can Help

Andy Hansen Andy Hansen , 9/16/2015
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Photo: NPS Climate Change Response / Flickr

This year has been the worst fire season on record in the United States, and there is no sign of it slowing down. There are currently 59 active large fires that are burning across seven west coast states. There are over 30,000 personnel currently battling these fires but the containment remains low. Some have said they could continue burning for months. Because of the sheer size and overwhelming amount, firefighters have been relocating from all across the country. These fires have become so severe that other countries like New Zealand and Australia have sent firefighters, and our own government has even deployed 200 soldiers to help as well. 

Washington State alone is battling over 16 fires that have consumed more than 900,000 acres, making it the worst fire in history for the state. The Okanogan Complex fire started as five fires that were caused by a lightning strike on August 15th, four days later two of the five merged together. Luckily the now three fires have not merged yet. There are over 5,000 homes in Washington that are being threatened, and three United States Forest Service firefighters were killed in an accident related to the fires. 

It is times like these that we need to pull together and be there for one another. Please take a moment to think of the personnel working to contain the fires that are risking their lives, and have families hoping they come home safe. Along with everyone who has had to abandon their homes and are hoping they have one to come back to.

Cochrane & Company has collected donations as a company and personally delivered them to the firefighters of the Carpenter Road Fire. Join us in helping those who desperately need it. Below I have included a link that has multiple donation sites that you can use. Even the smallest amount could make a world of difference. 

Ways to Donate