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Garage Service Repair

Andy Hansen Andy Hansen , 2/17/2016
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Have you ever wondered where the best motorcycle rides are in California?

Although there are several up and down the west coast, California is home to the Route 36 which is very popular with experienced motorcycle drivers. Route 36 is 140 miles of twisting roads that provides some of the best rides paired with fantastic scenery.

Be careful, though, this road has some pretty crazy elevation changes and lots of twists and although most of the road is very well maintained there are some areas without guardrails.

If you are looking to try this road out, we strongly suggest that you visit a Motorcycle Repair Shop near you and tune up your bike beforehand.

Motorcycle Repair Shops as well as other Garage Shops pay close attention to the safety and reliability of your vehicles. There is a heavy amount of liability with Garage and Auto Repair Shops and they need to be adequately protected. If you have clients that are servicing Autos, Heavy Trucks, RV’s, Buses and/or Motorcycles, you need to make sure they have proper coverage with a company that understands the risks involved with owning a Garage Service & Repair Shop.

Cochrane & Company provides coverage through AM Best Rating A+ carriers and has access to Admitted and Non-Admitted Markets. We consider new ventures on a sublimit basis and provide a maximum deducible for losses in any one occurrence of $5,000 (for Garagekeepers).

If you need additional information or have questions about the Garage Service & Repair Insurance program, please contact us!