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Security Tips For Your Home

Andy Hansen Andy Hansen , 2/24/2016
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According to the FBI, an average of 2.1 million burglaries occurs each year.

Your current renters or homeowners insurance will replace stolen items, but consider implementing several strategies that prevent burglars from targeting your clients’ home in the first place.

1. Install Security Lights
     a. In the event a burglar attempts to enter the home, security lights will illuminate their presence and often deter them from going further.
2. Keep Shrubs Trimmed Low
     a. Low profile plants will limit the available natural cover burglars often use when trying to break into a home.
3. Use “Loud” Landscaping; such as gravel/rocks
     a. Using gravel or rocks, especially around the perimeter of the house will make it more noticeable if a burglar is walking around outside of your home. This noise will often be loud enough for you or your dogs to hear and allow you to take action quickly.

In addition to these proactive measures, your client should also consider a security system, which can successfully deter burglars from targeting and entering your home and quickly alert authorities to an intruder.

If you have clients who are installing Security Alarms, you should review their coverage and make sure they are properly protected, just as they protect our homes. Here at Cochrane & Company we offer protection for Alarm Installation companies including:

1. Sales, installation, service monitoring/repair/burglar
2. Fire Alarms
3. Banks/Financial Institutions
4. And More!

We provide General Liability (limits up to $3 Million), Electronic Data Liability, E&O as well as Excess/Umbrella (limits up to $25 Million). Our comprehensive package provides coverage for the building, business personal property, business income, outside signs and other property coverage. We do not require a deducible which means, when your clients need the coverage they have less of a hassle!

For more information on our Alarm Installation Insurance program, please contact us!