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Ingredients Every Restaurant Needs.

Andy Hansen Andy Hansen , 3/23/2016
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When it comes to fine dining, fast food, nightclubs, bars/taverns, pubs, and sports bars, the key ingredient is insurance. In order for your client’s restaurant to run smoothly, they will need the right amount of coverage on their policy.

Let’s say it’s a busy weekend, there is a 45 minute wait just to be seated, every table is full and every server is running around trying to make sure they server every customer. Food tickets start to pile up and cooks in the kitchen are hurrying to make sure every food order is properly cooked and brought out in time. In a lunch rush hour it is so easy for a server to run into another server in between serving tables causing a fall or even a bodily injury depending on if anything broke.

The same can apply in the kitchen, as cooks rush to prep food, cook and keep the kitchen clean as they go, they could drop a plate and someone walking by could slip on it, they could burn themselves on the grill or even cut themselves while prepping food.

There are many possibilities in the restaurant industry! Did you know that there are four main common accidents that happen in restaurants?

1. 24% are injuries caused by an object
2. 18% slip or fall
3. 16% are burns
4. 14% are overexertion

That’s a 72% chance of some type of accident that can happen on a daily basis!

Every restaurant needs a good insurance policy to make sure they are covered in the event that there is an injury, fall or burn.

By making sure your client has an insurance policy that will protect their restaurant, they will be able to focus more on their customers and serving meals to be enjoyed.

Your client’s restaurant faces a wide variety of risks on a daily basis such as;

• Food Spoilage
• Property Damages
• Bodily Injuries
• Accidents
• Claims and Lawsuits

Our Restaurant Insurance program offers property and liability coverages such as:

• Equipment Breakdown
• Hazardous Substances
• Business Income
• Up to $2,000,000 in General liability
• Up to $100,000 in Fire Damages
• Liquor liability
• Non-Owned and Hired Auto

It isn’t the easiest job to be a restaurant owner in today’s industry. Aside from making sure a secure insurance policy is in place, your client has to worry about the staff that they hire, their menu, production and marketing their business.

We offer our Restaurant Insurance in ID, MT, OR, and WA. For more information about the coverage we offer please view our Restaurant Insurance storefront or send us an email so we can help you satisfy your client’s needs!