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GMI Insurance

GMI has been a premier writer of Commercial Auto insurance since 1980. In the beginning, Norman Trudel focused GMI solely on the Auto Rental segment of the transportation industry.

Let Us Bind Your Commercial Auto Accounts!

Karen  Trudel Karen Trudel , 8/25/2017
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This little piggy's direct market wouldn't write his class... This little piggy didn't get a competitive quote...   This little piggy didn't get her quote in time...   This little piggy ended up losing his account...   This little piggy is smart & lets GMI quote and bind all their accounts!...
P.O. Box 701
Valley Forge PA 19482
Tel 855-826-1031
Fax 610-933-4993
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Beth Tindall, ext 212
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Lynise Walton, ext 237
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Lori Gilbert, ext 213
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If you're tired of being like the first four piggies, then turn to GMI for all your commercial auto needs!

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Be Like the Smart Little Piggy. Let GMI Quote and Bind ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL AUTO ACCOUNTS Today!

  • All Contractors - Contractors performing residential, commercial or industrial contracting services
  • Cement Ready Mix (we are binding this class like crazy!!!)
  • Paper Shredders and Recyclers
  • Manufacturers - which haul their own commodity or product
  • Distributors - which haul their own commodity or product
  • Street, Road, & Sanitation Services, including:
    • Catch basin, sewer, or storm basin clean out
    • Liquid vacuuming operations
    • Portable toilet renting, servicing, pumping and cleaning
    • Seal coating to include interstate highways, state highways, local roads and parking lots
    • Septic tank, cesspool and seepage pit pumping, cleaning, inspection and installation
    • Street sweeping operations
    • Unclogging of sewer lines
  • Commercial Waste haulers, including construction and demolition material contractors
  • Pilot/Escort Vehicles
A rated | Admitted | Commission Up Front! | Fast Turnaround!
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GMI Insurance Services
P.O. Box 701,
Valley Forge, PA 19482
tel: 855.826.1031

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