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Are Insurance Agents Asking the Right Kinds of Questions

Scott Scott , 8/23/2016
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The other day I was completing an insurance application for a new prospect.    The app was at least two pages long and spent way too much time asking about non nonsensical questions as it pertained to this prospect.
If you are a seasoned insurance agent, you know what I mean.  The silly questions about handling non hazardous materials.  "No" my client does not handle hazardous materials, at least not regularly and not for business.

After completing the application I had to stop and wonder if the insurer was spending far too much time asking the wrong types of questions.   

Being that this business was a startup, I couldn't help but wonder if the insurance application couldn't have used a resume.   After all, isn't past success in the business world more pertinent to the risk than stock questions about hauling material across state lines?

Perhaps a resume is overkill, but at least more questions about what they had done for the previous fifteen years of their life.

But even forgetting this example, doesn't it seem about time that a confluence of linkedin and insurance applications coming together make more sense in the future world.

Have you ever been in a situation filling out various insurance applications, where you just wanted to chuck the whole thing and write your own brief to explain the simple exposure to the underwriters.

How many insurance agents out there can sum up a home insurance risk in one small five sentence paragraph?  I can it happens all the time:
"Client with no past losses in 10 years needs home insurance in an area near a wildfire with a wildfire score: X.  The home is fully newly remodeled with full cooper plumbing, metal roof, fire resistant siding,with no dogs, trampolines,or pool.  Home has both a fire/burglar alarm and a sprinkler system throughout.  This is the proposed clients address and these are the requested coverage limits and deductible."

But instead we are all stuck filling out lengthy forms when most of us - know darn well what the "hiccups" to a new insurance policy may very well be.

My question to my fellow insurance brokers is this:  "Are We asking the Right Kinds of Questions?"  "Are we merely sheep that fill out insurance applications."   Are we asking The right kinds of questions of our clients and the right kinds of new technology from our insurance partners.

I don't know what the answer is. 

Scott W Johnson
Marindependent Insurance Services LLC - Independent Insurance in the heart of Marin County
California License:0K10734