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If this was my first time buying this product - What is the One Thing That I Would Want to Know?

Scott Scott , 11/13/2017
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We all struggle to get the necessary amount of things done on a a daily basis:  Continuing Education, Marketing, Client upkeep, Emails, Phone Calls, Meetings - the insurance industry can be very complicated and busy at times.   But before you brush off a client before you complete your sale, ask yourself just one question.  "If this was my first time buying this product - What is the One Thing That I Would Want to Know?"

That one simple question, could bring you hundreds, even thousands more clients in the future.

I was reminded of this recently when I had a purchase that I made over the phone.  The sales agent on the phone, did not take the time to explain to me what the process was.  When I asked about what happened next, she was almost unable to answer.  Perhaps this was more of a management issue and less of a salesperson's issue.

Being the owner of my own insurance business, I always try and remember this mantra when closing a sale.

As an example, when selling life insurance, it super important to stop and explain many of the details of how typical life insurance applications and quotes and processed.   Taking the necessary time to explain the proper information regarding life insurance health classes and other extremely important underwriting considerations can be the difference between a happy and sour client.   "This is what should happen in the next 24 hours Sir.  If at any time you have questions, just send me an email.   If you do not get that phone call - please email me."

Another insurance example perhaps is when someone is buying a hard to place homeowners insurance policy and you are their agent.   You know the one that involves an underwriters approval.    "First we will sign the documents and submit them to underwriting Mam."  You then may have to explain why underwriting approval may be required in this situation.  "It should take two days, if If we do not hear back we will call them.  If you do not hear from me by then, by all means call me."

The general concept here is so simple, but it is amazing how few  salespeople actually do it.    This idea is really quite amazing to me, I have never lost sleep going the extra mile for a client.   I have however, received dozens of glowing online reviews from consumers happy that they chose to make me their insurance broker.   I also get thanked with referrals.